Hemp Legalized?

Hemp is no longer considered a word with a negative connotation. Through research, it has been determined the hemp seed may be the most healthiest natural oil product on the market. Second only to soybean, hemp oil is rich in protein and fiber and provides Omega 6 benefits. With this knowledge, hair designers, product manufacturers and consumers have turned to
hemp seed oil as a common fashion and nutritional statement.

Although the DEA would prefer that hemp remain off the market, the fact is you can not get “high” from hemp see doil as the THC level in the oil amounts to no more than .0003%. In contrast, the levels considered illegal by the DEA must reach 5-20% as found in marijuana. In 2005, the federal courts ruled over the DEA to allow the use of hemp seed oil in consumer products. This ruling facilitated the use of hemp seed oil in consumer products thereby increasing sales in excess of 47% percent.

In the use of hair products, hemp seed oils improves the hair’s elasticity, manageability and shine during the styling process. The oil itself is light and moisturizing with a creamy and smooth texture. In a hair product, the results are significant and can be seen after only a few days of use. In addition to improvement in hair, the hemp seed oil products provide moisturizing to the scalp and work to reduce scalp related disorders.

Hemp seed oil is also used in a variety of skin care products and is shown to replenish the loss of essential fatty acids in the scalp. By using hemp seed oil products, to improve scalp health, there is a significant decrease in dandriff and the potential for hair loss is averted.

In addition to hair and skin products, hemp seed oil is also found to have some impact on the pre-menstrual symptom reliever, Evening Primrose. Extracted through a press, the seed oil is available in both pill and liquid form in the UK. Additionally, the oil products, sold in Europe, can be used on salads and provides an improved nutty flavor, similar to sunflower seeds, as an addition to any meal. However, due to the level of EFAs, the product should not be fried or cooked.

So, with the approval of hemp seed oil by court ruling, consumers should be on the watch for products which prove that hemp is a product that is correctly legalized when used to improve beauty and nutrition and not considered toxic or a threat to the development of society.

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