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After reading yet another story about Home-schooling growing quickly in United States , I began thinking about the myths and truths, and facts about homeschooling.

Homeschooling MYTH: Homeschoolers are not socialized” and therefore cannot cope in the real world.

This could not be farther from the truth. First, the kind of socialization that the critics feel homeschoolers are missing is not necessarily healthy or desirable. Why would any parent want everything they have taught their 5-year-old child to be challenged by a group of 5-year-old children who may or may not have a similar moral compass?

The idea that their own peers should socialize children is flawed thinking, although such socialization has had obvious successes. For example, take a group of three children. The first child’s parents teach the fundamental Christian beliefs of one man, one wife, intelligent design of God, and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The next Child is raised in a homosexual home where the parents have a basic belief that as long as they exhibit love they are doing great. Racist parents who believe they are superior to others raise the third child. When put together, the three children do have the opportunity to adjust their “extreme” values. With the three choices set before me, it is obvious that the child of the Fundamental Christians and the child of the racists will slowly over time adjust their viewpoints over time and come to agree with the ideals of the middle child. This is a huge improvement: some might think for the child of the racists. Some might think it is a huge improvement for the child of the Fundamental Christians as well. However, is this middle ground good for any of the three Children?

The example of the denigration of society says no. While each generation has become more and more racially tolerant, even loving toward other races, meanwhile this same lesson of tolerance and love of others has caused generation after generation to accept more and more of ideals that are at best, questionable.

Just because a homeschooled child is less likely to alter his or her ideals, it does not that mean this child cannot exist in the real world. In my opinion center is should not be the ultimate goal. At worst the ideals of the group should fall somewhere between center and far right.

Homeschooling TRUTH: Meanwhile one of the bones that anti-homeschooling advocates have to pick with us homeschoolers is valid. There is a good percentage of the homeschooling population that gets an inferior education in the name of freedom. Some children even are abused unnoticed because abusive parents claim to be homeschooling. Truths however, are often open to interpretation.

In my travels as a homeschooling parent, I have met many families where it was obvious that the parents ideas of EDUCATING their children where of a standard that was not acceptable for my children. However, there were also some parents whose standards and goals are even more stringent than mine. To top it off, many parents with high standards and goals may not have the skills needed to accomplish those goals.

However, the ratio of those families who fall short of the educational curve is far lower than that of those children in traditional school. In fact, studies show that even if a parent did nothing to actively educate their child (unschooled), they would still pick up enough Reading Fluency and math skills that would allow them to test at a higher level than many traditionally educated children, many of these unschooled children get into colleges on academic scholarships.

FACT: What the public education advocates cannot seem to grasp is the fact homeschoolers are an industrious and creative bunch. You need to have a creative and adventurous spirit to attempt it at all.

Skills to educate our children can be hired. Even without previous knowledge, parents can help children learn through technology, Homeschool Resources, and group classes. Homeschool children consistently succeed in Early Child Education with a Solid Foundation. Because of these qualities and freedom of thought that come out of not having to adjust their ideals to get along, homeschoolers tend to grow up to be more content with their lives that the publicly educated bunch and those that shine, shine bright.

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