How Does the Recent Free Agent Activity Affect the NFL Draft?

On Tuesday the NFL Free agent signings really heated up as Quarterbacks Drew Brees formerly from the San Diego chargers signed a 6 yr deal with the Saints for $60 million and Quarterback Daunte Culpepper from the Minnesota Vikings was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a 2nd round pick during NFL free agency This has now made the NFL draft really unpredictable and it really shakes things up among the teams with the top picks in the draft. The Saints which had the 2nd pick of the NFL draft were believed to be taking QB Matt Leinart from USC but now that they’ve signed Brees in the NFL Free Agency period, it totally changes their pick in the NFL draft.

Most people expect them to trade the pick down in the NFL draft with the intention of still selecting the best defensive player in the draft, Mario Williams from NC State who plays Defensive End. If the Saints can’t find a trading partner they still might take Williams at #2.

The trade scenarios are very interesting. The #2 pick of the NFL draft becomes the most coveted pick and there are reports that the Jets with the #4 pick of the NFL draft might try to trade up to the #2 pick and draft Leinart. To get that #2 NFL draft pick that would probably have to give the Saints at least a 3rd round NFL draft pick in addition to the #4 pick of the draft. If the Saints hold on to that 2nd pick of the draft, and select any player other than a quarterback since they just signed Brees, then the Titans would be ecstatic at #3 to take Matt Leinart with offensive coordinator Norm Chow who worked with Leinart when Chow was at USC.

Then at #4 pick of the NFL draft, the Jets might be tempted to take Vince Young since the Jet quarterback Chad Pennington is coming off two surgeries. If the Jets don’t want to take Young then they too can trade down so another team in need of a quarterback might trade up to get him. If the Jets keep the draft pick, then they might just take offensive tackle D’brickshaw Ferguson from Virginia Tech.

Miami came out of this the best, getting one of the best quarterbacks in the league for a 2nd round pick. They have the #16 pick of the NFL draft and with the QB, RB and WR issues settled, they will look to defense or offensive line.

It should be an interesting draft and I can’t wait to see it and thanks to the NFL Free Agency moves it has spiced up this upcoming NFL draft.

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