How to Clean a Shower Door

It does not matter if a bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home; it is almost always one of the hardest to keep clean. Shower doors are particularly challenging because any place that deals with water and steam can be a breeding ground for bacteria, rust, lime and all sorts of unpleasant things. A shower door is particularly difficult to keep clean because you have to be careful that whatever you use to clean it is soft enough that it won’t scratch the glass (or fiberglass). However, it stills needs to be tough enough to cut through tough stains.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when cleaning a shower door is what sponge to use and what cleaning product to use. Rough sponges and harsh cleaning products can leave your shower door with a foggy, white surface that can’t be fixed.

When buying a sponge, take the time to read the packaging. Most sponge manufacturers will print the kinds of surfaces and uses that the sponge is best suited for. There is also a general rule of thumb that white sponges are safe for bathrooms (avoid green sponges; they tend to be the harshest out there). Blue sponges are designed for kitchens, but they can usually be used in a bathroom as well.

You want to find a cleaner that is specifically designed to do away with lime scale and soap scum, without it being too harsh. One easy option is to buy some white vinegar and spray it on the surface, letting it sit for a few minutes. Then, dip your sponge into some baking soda or Borax (aka sodium borate) and scrub the gunk away. According to Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph. d, in an article, “Borates bonds with other particles to keep ingredients dispersed evenly in a mixture, which maximizes the surface area of active particles to enhance cleaning power.”

You may try other cleaners, but be sure to check the directions for surfaces that they are recommended for because you do not want something too harsh. Following the directions on the spray (most recommend that you let the liquid settle for a few minutes). Wipe the cleaner away using your sponge and rinse thoroughly.

After you are done cleaning your shower door, apply some lemon oil to help prevent new buildup. Another hint to prevent water stains is to dry the door after you use it. Try buying a squeegee; it’ll make that part of the job much easier.

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