How to Get Tickets for the New Rachel Ray Talk Show

Starting on September 18th, the very talented Rachel Ray is going to have her own talk show. The show will be based in New York, and if you like Rachel Ray as much as I do than you are probably already wondering how to get on the show. Her show will be taping in New York every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, according to her new website “”. In order to be in the audience first visit the website that I just mentioned, and click on the audience tab.

To get free tickets to the taping all you have to do is fill out their online form. They also require you to show a photo Id when you come in order to be in the audience. You are allowed to request up to three tickets and may only send one request. It does not indicate yet if there are any age limits, so I am assuming that kids are welcome. To find out when the show will be airing in your area you can click on the TV times tab on her website.

But what about those that want to be on the show. Well if you click on the tab that says what’s your story you will see a list of topics that they are currently looking for. If you see a topic that relates to you than fill out the form and submit it. They even allow you suggest some of your own ideas if you do not see one listed for you. Of course this does not mean that they are going to add your topic to the list, but it is definitely worth a shot.

The main theme of the show is for Rachel to share some of her everyday tips with people who have different life issues. None of the topics are sad or depressing, but instead they are very uplifting and it seems like the show is going to be one hour of happiness. This is definitely going to be a welcome change from all of the other talk shows. Any show that can help a person learn to relax is definitely worth effort.

According to one interview that she did the audience will also be getting some tasty treats occasionally. If you are wondering whether or not she still will be doing her other shows like thirty minute meals, don’t panic because she will still be doing those as well. I just hope that she does not get too burnt out from too many shows going on at once.

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