How to Obtain a Real Estate License in Oregon

Unlike many other states, Oregon has reciprocal licensing agreements and recognizes real estate licensure from a number of US States and Canadian provinces. That is good news if you already possess a license from Alabama, Alberta, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Now comes the bad news. Also unlike many other states, Oregon does not have a salesperson’s license category, but rather, licenses everyone at the broker level, which is a generally more rigorous procedure. So if you hold a salesperson’s license, even from one of the states listed above, it may not do you much good.

To obtain a broker’s license in Oregon, you must adhere to the laws administred by Oregon’s Real Estate Agency, As in many other states, real estate licensing in Oregon requires a combination of coursework, application, and the taking of a real estate exam. Real estate exams in Oregon are administered through PSI Exams (

Once the exam is passed, application for a real estate license can be made. The exam is (also like many states) in two parts, one national, one Oregon-specific. The national portion consists of 150 questions and each student is allowed up to 3 hours. The Oregon-specific portion consists of 50 questions and each student is allowed up to 2 hours for this portion.

Also like many other states, real estate licenses can be rejected if a person has criminal convictions, has fallen behind on their child support payments, filed bankruptcy, had another professional license suspended or been disciplined by a professional body, or has been involved in extensive civil lawsuits that indicate they are less than honest. In some instances, such events in a person’s life may not disrupt the licensing process if a full explanation is given and the applicant also provides three personal reference letters from others attesting to their good character. The background check application is generally one of the earlier steps in the application process, so applicants concerned about such matters should find out relatively early in the process whether past events will impede their ability to obtain an Oregon real estate license.

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