How to Start a Doll Collection

If you’re looking for a new hobby, and you’re interested in dolls, then you may want to start your own collection. If you decide to start a doll collection, you’ll be joining the ranks of many people in the world who share the same interest. There are several doll collectors’ clubs you can find and join. Check around your area, or do a search on the Internet to find a club for you. By becoming a member, you’ll be able to take advantage of learning from others who already collect dolls. Not only that, but you’ll be connected to information about events for doll collectors you can attend.

On top of everything else, you’ll undoubtedly end up making new friends too!

The first step in learning how to start a doll collection, is, of course, deciding what kind of dolls you’re going to possess. You may decide to collect only dolls produced by Ashton-Drake, Disney, Avon, or the Bradford Exchange, for example. Or, maybe you prefer dolls that are made out of porcelain or cloth. There are dolls that are from certain time eras, such as the fifties and sixties, miniature dolls, ethnic ones, and more to choose from. You can always just choose to have a mixed assortment in your doll collection. You can choose, buy, and add dolls to your collection on the basis that you simply like them.

Good-quality dolls are a sound investment because they are likely to increase in value as time goes on. This makes it harder to buy a rare doll that you may be interested in adding to your collection. On the other hand, a doll you spend a hundred dollars on now can be worth much more in later years!

Once you have decided on what type of doll you’re going to start a collection with, you’ll need to perform some research. Even if you have decided to start an eclectic accumulation, you’ll need to start to learn about the doll world in general. You’ll need to learn about values, the various conditions of used dolls and how they’re determined, what each type of doll’s history is, and so on.

It will also be necessary to know what type of materials dolls have been, and currently are made out of. You’ll need to be able to differentiate between the different materials. The materials typically are cloth, plastic, porcelain, china, wood, and vinyl.

By first learning as much as you can about the dolls available for the collection you want to start, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions when you’re considering buying a good-used doll.

Brand new dolls, of course, can be found in a variety of places. If you’re looking for a particular brand, perform a search on the Internet. You can also check eBayâÂ?¢, the largest online auction, to see what sellers have there. Sometimes, you can actually buy a brand new doll for less money by dealing on a place like eBay.

You can also find good used dolls on websites like eBay too. You should check garage sales, second hand stores, and flea markets to find the dolls you want to start your collection with too. When buying used dolls, make sure they are in pristine condition. This is harder to do when you’re buying a doll online for your collection. This where you’ll need to read descriptions carefully and check out available pictures closely. In order for dolls to hold their value, they should be inside their original boxes. They should also include all tags, authenticity certificates, and accessories.

Finally, after you start a doll collection by obtaining at least one doll, you’ll need to set up a suitable storage spot. The best place to store your doll collection is in enclosed wood cabinet. This will keep your dolls protected from dust, dirt, et cetera. A cabinet with glass sides and front will allow you to show off your collection with minimal handling. The wood cabinet should be placed in a room that is dry and cool. Your doll collection should also be kept out of direct sunlight so your collection doesn’t fade, become dry and brittle, and crack.

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