How to Take Your Own Family Pictures

Every year millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on family photos. This is especially the case if you have kids. As parents it seems like each month your child grows and their looks begin to change, so it is time for new pictures. But do you really need to waste your time going all the way to a professional photo studio? We now live in the age where computers and technology is well advanced enough for people to take their own pictures right at home. It is really not as difficult as some people may think. You do not need to purchase a really expensive camera or some expensive photo printer to make quality photos.

First you will want to shop around for a decent, but none expensive camera. Nowadays it seems that digital is definitely the way to go. Not only does it make taking pictures easy, but they are really easy to develop. If you really take the time to think about it, which is more fun to look at the picture of the perfectly dressed family sitting perfect together. Or the more realistic photo of your kids acting silly and the parents doing the same. Most people like to look at the realistic photos, it brings back fond memories of a fun occasion.

Of course there is nothing wrong with getting everyone dressed up for a family photo. But you can still do this at home. Pick a nice spot in your house and use the window or a plain wall as the back drop. You will want to make sure that if you use the window as a back drop, that there is no glare. Most digital cameras come with a timer, so that everyone can be in the picture. You will want to invest in an inexpensive camera stand for your camera. Since you are taking the pictures with a digital camera you do not have to worry about buying additional film, so you can take as may pictures as you like.

The toughest part would of course be trying to get your kids to sit still for the pictures. But again you are saving money since you will not be paying for the studio time, or a sitting fee. It also helps to take the pictures at home, because your kids are more comfortable and it will be easier for them to relax for the picture. By taking your own family pictures, you will be saving lots of money and you will get the picture exactly the way you want it.

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