How to Write an Essay Journal Log

The experience of writing a college essay can be an exhausting experience. I strongly recommend that if you write an essay you create a 10 min journal entry log that you write everyday. Just by thinking about your essay for 10 minutes a day you can come up with new ideas and topic that will improve your essay and make it creative and original.

Her is what one journal entry might look like:
Thursday March 9
-I sat at my desk attempting to start my English report on jeans when I was trying to brainstorm ideas. Let’s see now, how did jeans start? I remember in class today as it snowed and I remember seeing a lot of people wearing construction boots and jeans. That’s when it hit me that construction workers and people who worked in mines for dirty jobs were the first people to use jeans. I began searching for the earliest history of construction workers wearing jeans online and was able to write a paragraph or two on the subject matter

Friday March 10
– Yes, I’m finally going home. I’m leaving school in a couple of hours and as I find myself in my dorm room for a few minutes I figure I might as well get this assignment over with because there’s no way I’m gona want to do it when I get home. Jeans- styles- well I’m wearing carpenter pants now. There like a medium fit, not too baggy, not too tight. Color is a blue with a white fade in them. Pockets on the sides and back. Comfortable.

Saturday March 11
– I am in the middle of writing this assignment when I hear my mother doing laundry and asks my younger brother if she should sew his pair of jeans. He replied “no” and told her that the rip in the jeans was the new style. Interesting stuff. Style often depends on a person’s perception of it and something in-style years ago probably will be looked at differently today and won’t be considered in-style. I can imagine a person getting made fun of for wearing ripped jeans dozens of years ago. People would probably think that person is poor and couldn’t afford a new pair of pants.

Sunday March 12
.-thinking about priceâÂ?¦ My jeans cost about $20. Some people wear expensive designer jeans for $100 and up. Why? Is it the brand name? The store Steve and Barry’s sells jeans for $8. Why can someone buy a similar item so cheaply and spend 1/10 the cost? Macy’s jeans sell for $50 and up. Is it the quality of the fabric? Don’t know. I mean as long as the pants look good on you why should you care about the price or brand?

Monday March 13
– still thinking about costâÂ?¦ Women buy jeans around $100. Usually tight-fitted and designed for maximum comfort. Sometimes they come with designs on them. Worn around the hips.

Tuesday March 14
-Baggy pants. Let’s seeâÂ?¦ originated in urban city parts with minority, poverty groups. Primarily became popular with gangs and minority groups. Pants worn really low. Underwear, briefs are worn around hips but pants worn much lower. Pants also bought purposely at an extra-large size to make them baggy when worn.

Wednesday March 15
– having trouble thinking about something to do with jeans. What is in a brand name? Is it the designer and style that makes it popular? The clothing line Sean John makes jeans that are pretty expensive. Why do they cost so much. Well Seam Combs is a famous rapper and celebrity. People want to emulate his style and the clothes that make him look good in the media. His name comes with a price people must pay to wear his style. Also, the more popularity an item or style has, the more money a store can charge for it because people are willing to spend that much for it because the demand it so high.

Thursday March 16
– thinking about the comments from my last paper. Need to be more creative and imaginative. Maybe a story idea of a miner-Levi Strauss who started jeans in the U.S. and the history of the popularity of jeans starting from the mines and cowboys in the wild west. Tell story from Levi Straus’ perspective and I could use west coast style language since Strauss was from San Francisco.

Friday March 17
-Getting back to idea of using 1st person narrative, I’m thinking of expanding the idea to 3 people, Levi Strauss, a tour guide, and a model. I could do something like past, a few years ago, and the present state all though different people’s perspectives on jeans. A model of today would not view jeans the same as Levi Strauss.

Saturday March 18
-Thinking of being even more creative and using a Q and A style format in the middle of the essay. The tour guide could ask and answer questions from the people in the tour. Better yet, use famous people as the tour guide and people on tour like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc. Just gota make sure I make transition between the people.

Sunday March 19
-today I had to go back to school and on the bus ride back I noticed the snow which is pretty common for Binghamton weather. I also noticed that my jeans had a thick cushion on its inside for more warmth. This got me thinking about how jeans are used for warmth in certain fabrics or how some fabrics are designed to stay cool. The heavier the fabric the warmer it feels.

Mon March 20
-not much left to think about. I’m almost done with my report. Gota go to turnitin on the website. Finish jean log. Edit report. Gota do the IAR thing. I should add some invention and arrangement strategies to my report.

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