Neat Stuff: Cool Organizational Tools for Adults

Being a grown up can be hard work. So, don’t you deserve a few toys, too? Okay, these new gadgets aren’t purely for play, but they will keep you organized. Have some fun and banish clutter with the following productsâÂ?¦.

For CDs, Books, and Magazines
� A CD/DVD Labeler that prints directly onto the disc, with both independent QWERTY keyboard and a USB cable for the PC, identifies burned media.
� Streamlined Media Ladders make use of vertical space, storing newspapers and magazines.
� A perforated stainless steel Magnet Board with Modern Art Magnets is a cool alternative to cork and dry erase boards.
� Polished silver square Botanical Vase or Photo Frame Bookends add whimsy to the shelf.
� Home Library Software reads ISBNs with a bookstore-style scanner, and uses the information to create a catalog of your collection.
� A lit Motorized CD Tower makes jewel case spines easier to read.

For the Home Office
� A spiral-bound Password Directory keeps track of user names and password hints.
âÂ?¢ A Homeowner’s Journal organizes maintenance and insurance information.
� A Multimedia Crosscut Shredder safely disposes of confidential paperwork, computer discs, and credit cards.
� Saving Electronic Billing Statements to your computer eliminates monthly paper piles.
� A Hanging CPU Holder clears the desktop and floor.
� A thin Horizontal Cable Bar untangles and separates wiring.
� A combination Mouse Pad/Speakerphone lets you multitask on a clear desk.

For the Car
� A folding Cargo Bag secures groceries in the trunk.
âÂ?¢ Backseat Organizers and backseat trash bags control the kids’ clutter on the road.
� A portable Passenger Seat Work Station creates a mini office for commuters.

For the Kitchen
� Magnetic Spice Containers with clear lids stick to a panel above the stove.
� An in-drawer Battery Organizer with built-in tester keeps you ready for emergencies.
� A Decorating Portfolio includes magnetic room planners, design directions, and storage space for fabric samples, sketches, and receipts.
� Acrylic chrome-hinged Under Cabinet Cookbook Holders or Knife Racks save valuable counter space.
� A Take-Out Menu Organizer keeps phone numbers and coupons handy.

For the Bath
� A heavyweight plastic Bathtub Storage Rack with sliding lid holds lotions and potions, and serves as a sturdy seat when shaving or bathing the baby.
� A two-tier semicircular Chrome Organizer adds storage space around pedestal sinks.

For the Laundry Room
� A Flip-Fold Folding Board makes all garments a uniform size for better stacking.
� Punched Colored Discs bind socks so that pairs stay together in the wash.

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