Outdoor Home Renovation in the Winter

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to hold yourself up inside and leave all those pending projects for the spring. If you have completed all your indoor projects, there are still many viable options for outdoor renovations of your home. If there is a lot of snow, of course, you will be hindered, but if it’s dry but cold, you shouldn’t be stopped from completing one or more of the ideas below.

Outdoor Fireplace

One of the most exciting projects for the winter is one that can also be enjoyed in the winter. Building an outdoor fireplace is a project which is becoming more and more popular. A stone fireplace outdoors will provide the family and your friends with a way to hang out and enjoy the outdoors while reducing cabin fever. You can also incorporate a cooking area into the fireplace to enjoy a winter barbeque and some fresh wood-cooked meats.

New Deck
Build a new deck or porch. A roofless deck or porch is a great idea for a winter project. It can be covered, but you will want to avoid traditional roofing materials such as shingles. A new deck or porch can add much needed space to your home and can be completed effectively in the cold.

If you already have a deck or porch, you may want to consider turning it into a sunroom. You can easily enclose the area with glass to provide a warm and sunlit area that can be enjoyed in the winter by your family and your plants. Kits are made especially for this sort of renovation that can make it fast and easy while also providing the right materials and glass for the project.

Replace Siding
Winter is an excellent time of year for this project. If you will require a contractor, it will be much easier to schedule in the winter. By working on small sections at a time, you can re-side your home without significant loss of insulation and unnecessary exposure to the elements. You may have some problems with painting if it is required, but there is a low-temperature paint available if you cannot wait for this part until spring.

New Walkways
Lay new walkways outside your home or through your garden. Stones for walkways are usually less expensive than in other times of the year. You can easily lay these stones and create a new garden experience in the winter so when spring arrives you will be ready for planting and nurturing, where your efforts should be.

Any one of these projects are easily done in the winter. There’s often no reason to wait for spring if you have limited time or just bored. Keeping busy in the winter doesn’t mean you have to remain inside.

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