Pepsi: My Partner in Life

Pepsi, it is my constant companion. Doesn’t matter whether sleeping or awake there is always a bottle of Pepsi within my arms reach. This delicious liquid goes down “The Hatch” whether warm or cold! Just give me that great sweet “bubbly” taste!

Now this is my theory, I rarely drink water. In my little mind I feel the water could be dirty, polluted, yucky, or even tainted with some ugly chemical. Sure there is water in Pepsi, but by the time the soda is made it is “purified” and “sanctified” in the carbonating process. Now mind you, this is just my way of thinking.

Part of my reasoning goes back many years ago, I did a fair amount of international traveling. Much of the time to third world countries, and to places where a droplet of the local water could “do you in” permanently. A medical doctor friend of mine told me to only drink “nationally” manufactured drinks that were carbonated. Now nationally manufactured as opposed to homemade drinks carbonated with a seltzer cartridge. He said that the carbonating process of these national drinks purified the water. Using the knowledge that the kind doctor shared with me, I always drank these type of drinks, and I am still vertical and above ground.

Consequently, and to this day, I get my liquid intake from a carbonated nationally manufactured drink. PEPSI! It tastes great, gives me a kick, and I love it. By the way, I never dilute it with ice, nor add any booze. Just give me my Pepsi plain. Good old “classic” Pepsi does the trick for this
person. No flavors, no fancy bottles, just give me that red white and blue circled bottle. Just writing about it makes me in need of a “swig”. Awwww

Now we all know there are many “copy cat” type of drinks available at the stores, but many leave an awful “after taste” in your mouth. Pepsi never does that.

Let me tell you a secret, I have even driven great distances to get my Pepsi. If my closest store is out, and that is twenty miles away, I will drive an extra eighteen miles to the next closest store to get my Pepsi. In fact I usually buy enough to last me for a whole month at one time.

Running out of my favorite drink is a situation I cannot tolerate. Pepsi must be readily available to me a any moment. I love this product, and the Pepsi Company should be awarded with a Pulitzer Prize Award for making such a satisfying product! Thank You Pepsi

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