Reflections on Lost Season 2

So with the second season of Lost wrapped up, I have some good news. Lost is going to be a little different next year. You know all those re-runs that we all hate? Those won’t be happening. They will have six episodes – a sort of mini season – in the fall, take 12 weeks off, and then Lost will return in its uninterrupted glory in February 2007. Why are they doing it this way? Well, because there were enough complaints by the creators about the re-runs and naturally we don’t want to wait until January to see some new Lost, do we? Until then, I still have some questions about the finale.

First is an obvious observation. The finale of Lost‘s second season brings us the first scene not on the island that isn’t a flashback. Where were these two men who were speaking Portuguese? But most importantly, how did Penny Whitmore know to look for Desmond in an electromagnetic anomaly? Why was the event on September 22, 2004 not enough to track the location? I mean it did crash a plane!

And the simple answer to what happened is the hatch blew up or imploded. But Lost is known not to take a simple answer. So what happened to the hatch? I seriously doubt we have seen the last of Desmond. He made a guest appearance in two episodes previously, and then the entirety of the finale rode on his back. We have questions about him that need answers. Meanwhile, Locke has been a huge favorite and won Lost awards both seasons. And who doesn’t love Mr. Eko? So if they are all dead and the hatch is blown up, will there be an electromagnetic event every 108 minutes?

Why are the Losties no longer afraid of this mysterious smoke monster? It was a huge fear throughout the first season, but not really a presence in the second season of Lost. Or was it? Is it a possibility that we actually saw the monster this season without realizing it was the monster? Will this monster return in the third season? Or is this mysterious smoke going to be completely forgotten with a new fear coming into play each season?

We learned of several more connections between our characters in the finale as well. Libby knew Desmond. Desmond knew Kelvin – and yes, that is the same guy that was in the military episode with Sayid. Will we ever learn more about these random connections, or is it just a play on the six degrees of separation?

We know Libby gave Desmond his boat. We know it used to belong to her husband who died after being sick. What I still want to know about Libby is why she was in the institution with Hurley. Did she kill her husband? Did her husband’s death send her over the edge? Will we ever find out now that she is dead?

Then, naturally I start to wonder if this next season we will get to know the back-stories of The Others. I have a suspicion they will show them more now that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are their captives. Have they discovered where all the hatches are? Or do they know of only a few to where they could make a fake one to throw the Losties off their case? How did they get to the island? And why on earth did The Others want Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? Where is their home that they will be taking the three Losties? Who have they arranged to be the rescue for Michael and Walt? Will Jin, Sun, and Sayid follow Michael or track down The Others?

The Hanso Foundation’s orientation films are dated to the 1970s. So they obviously haven’t been on the island for too long. But there are some interesting archaeological finds that suggest someone, or something, was there before the ’70s – like that four-toed foot. Do these archaeological finds play an important role, or are they just there to throw people off track?
Last, but not least, is the biggest question I have. When do I get to see a whole lot more of the sexy Sayid?

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