SG5-LED Snowmaker Brings Winter to Your Backyard

Have you ever wanted to make snow in your backyard? Are you disappointed by a “green” Christmas? Do you want to be the envy of the neighborhood with your own snow-coated sledding and skiing hill? Well, get ready to make your own backyard snowstorm!

SNOWatHOME has recently announced the addition of the The SG5-LED snow maker to their lineup of home and business snowmaking equipment. The SG5-LED The new model was designed for those who just wants more, as it makes four times as much more snow just by using a commercial pressure washer. Also, it is adjustable to suit just about any pressure washer (up to 6 gallons per minute) – the more water volume you have, the more snow you can make!

What do you need to make snow? First, the weather conditions must be right for making real snow. Second, you’ll need a small continuous duty compressor and a small home pressure washer. And, third, the SG5-LED snowmaker. All the assembly instructions (takes about 5 minutes) and tips are included in the box. The complete SG5-LED kit is available for worldwide shipping right now for $748 USD (plus $40 for shipping in the Continental United States).

SNOWatHOME has done extensive research on making man-made snow and designing home snowmaking machines that can produce a bunch of snow just like the snow makers at ski areas. It is tons of fun to make snow in your own yard for skiing, sledding, snow boarding or any snow-related activity.

Located in Cheshire, CT, SNOWatHOME, develops, manufactures, and sells its line of snowmaking for home and small businesses alike. They have been featured on the Discovery Channel, MTV, the Boston Globe, and locally in Connecticut on ABC Channel 8, NBC 30, Fox 61, the Bristol Press, and WTIC AM 1080.

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