Substance Abuse Treatment Options in Worcester, MA

For some people, drug or alcohol abuse is only something we see on TV or film: the drunk friend who gets an intervention on A&E; the mom who ruins her family in a Lifetime movie, the celebrity who tells the world about his recovery story. But for millions of other Americans, substance abuse is a very real, painful, thing they endure either as an addict or an addict’s loved one. When rehab and recovery become the goal, where do you go to begin turning your life around? Doctors, counselors, recovering addicts, and churches can provide help finding a place where you our your loved one can recover and heal. Here are some such options in the city of Worcester, MA.

The Henry Lee Willis Community Center has a recovery program for men called Channing House (21 Catharine St. Worcester, 508-755-8088). Residential programs here can last from three months to a full year. Services provided in the “social recovery model” which, according to the website is “designed to empower” people to retake their lives through peer support, education and counseling services. Help offered at Channing House includes case management, counseling and education designed to help men “acquire the skills they need to return to their community as drug-free individuals.” Channing House accepts men from all backgrounds including men dealing with AIDS/HIV, mental health issues (dual-diagnosis) , gay men, and men who are doing court-appointed rehab. Payment assistance is available.

Also founded by the Henry Lee Willis Community Center, Linda Fay Griffin House provides in-patient rehab services for women in Worcester (15 North Hampton St. 508-755-8990). Programs at this home last 3-12 months and also use the “social mode” of recovery aimed at empowering women to live healthy and productive lives after treatment . Programs assisting the women include peer support groups, self-help education, and life skills training. Women from all walks of life including those who are mentally ill, gay/lesbian, doing court-appointed rehab, or dealing with AIDS/HIV are accepted here.

AdCare Hospital’s website refers to its organization as “New England’s most comprehensive provider of substance abuse treatment.” AdCare has a location in Worcester (107 Lincoln St.. 508-345-3552, AdCare offers both in-patient and outpatient substance abuse treatment options. In-patient care includes medically supervised detox, education, counseling, introduction to 12-step programs, and programs involving the addict’s family. Case management begins with initial assessment and continues with aftercare. The goal of in-patient care is “transitioning patients to lesser levels of care” according to the hospital’s website. Outpatient services at AdCare include interventions, assessments, medically managed “clean, safe” detox and counseling.

Community Health Link of Worcester (72 Jacques Ave, 508-860-1200) also provides detox programs for addicts through the Thayer Detoxification Program, a 45 bed unit licensed by the state to run detoxifications. Detox is supervised by medical staff equipped to handle the “acute symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal” and offers services to both men and women.

Substance abuse is a disease. Those suffering from this disease need help to regain control of their lives. With the proper assistance and a personal commitment to recovery, addicts (and their loved ones) can be free of the weight of addiction and live happy, healthy, productive lives.

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