Taking Grandchildren for the Weekend

Parents Aren’t Allowed Cause…..

Our children grew up camping. It seemed that no matter where we went on vacation we took the camper with us. We started out in a tent, then graduated to a pickup camper, then to a tow low and then to a pull type camper, which is the kind we have now. The thing is, they loved it then and still love it now. We often go with them and their families and still have a ball. They actually still want us around. Can you believe it?

A few years ago my husband and I started a tradition with our five grandchildren. For their birthdays, they could come spend a weekend with us alone. Without the competition of siblings or cousins. Well that weekend started out being titled “birthday weekends”, and has since been renamed to “no parents allowed cause they will just spoil our fun” weekends.

As it turns out every single one of our grandchildren love to go camping. So each year the kids will plot out what they plan on doing (obviously, there are a few limitations) during their special weekend. Then we choose a state park campground accordingly (We’ll talk about state parks later).

They pick out an activity, which will probably cost a little. Then we take them shopping for a gift, which is also kept at a limit, (hey, we’re just your average granny and gramps on a budget) and go out to lunch. The kids realize the budget thing, but really don’t care. They have grandma and grandpa and our kitten named mittens all to themselves. And of course, making s’mores around the campfire at night is a really big highlight for them.

The campfire is where part of the State Park camping comes in. Most of the state parks have designated metal enclosures that you can use for a campfire. But also, state parks allow you to enjoy nature. You can look out and find gophers running, or different birds playing in your back yard. Also, state parks offer space enough to set up different games to play with our grandkids. It’s just plain fun.

Some different activities we have done are horseback riding, bumper boats, racecar tracks, visited the corn palace (we live in South Dakota).

At the campgrounds we enjoy, hiking, biking, playing outdoor games (we keep a big container of outdoor games in our camper), swimming, even cuddling up and reading. Now, we’re the ones though, who get read to. In the evenings we usually go to a small amphitheatre in the park and enjoy a nature hands on program and when it gets dark we watch a movie and get free popcorn and freezer sticks. Then we go back to the campsite and make our s’mores. We may even cuddle again before going to bed. If there’s time, we play card games or board games, too. Whatever they are in the mood to do.

So now, can you see why parents aren’t allowed? How could we possibly have all that fun if mom and dad are there? They would just make us behave ourselves, and I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is slow down and take it easy.
Take it from us, enjoy your grandchildren and even when they get to be teenagers, their tastes might change, but they will still look forward to spending time with you. Besides, spoiling grandchildren is our way of getting even with our kids. But our kids have no choice at times but to tolerate the spoilings of good old granny and gramps. And they do, cause we’re just a couple of harmless old people wandering thru life. Yeah, right!!

Smile :); you’re getting even with your children.

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