Talking to Your Kids About Drugs

Talking to your kids about drugs may be difficult sometimes. Parents often don’t know where to start or exactly what to say about drugs. All we can do is explain to kids why drugs are bad for them. If we constantly remind them every few years why drugs are bad then they will most likely remember it if they are faced with peer pressure in the future.

Explaining to kids about drugs is important. It is better for them to be educated about drugs by adults than it is for them to learn about drugs from other people their own range rage. We can only educate them by telling them how and why drugs are bad. Teenagers usually do listen to parents about drugs even though we may think that they don’t listen to us.

We need to explain to them the different types of illegal drugs and also explain how illegal drugs are bad for our health. There is many different types of illegal drugs such as cocaine, meth, speed, acid and pot. We need to explain to teenagers what forms illegal drugs come in such as pills, powder, by smoking. We also need to let teenagers how illegal drugs are bad for health. We need to let teenagers know that people who use drugs only ends up creating more problems for themselves and often end up doing stupid things.

Illegal drugs can cause heart diseases and even heart attacks. Drugs also cause brain damage, lung cancer, and high blood pressure along with ton of other damages that drugs cause. Drug use also causes mental problems and reduces growth in young people. Illegal drugs are also addicting. Addiction can lead to major money problems and can result in losing a job too.

Drug use also makes it so that people get lower grades in school. Drug use also can make it difficult to focus during school. People who use drugs are putting themselves and others in danger if they drive while high or on drugs. People who use drugs sometimes end up doing things that they wouldn’t usually do.

Some people use drugs because to escape reality or because they are bored. Some drug users already have problems, but use drugs to escape their problems. Drugs don’t improve a persons life it only makes even more problems. Most drug users don’t stop using drugs unless they end up in jail or decide themselves that it is time to stop doing drugs.

We can do our best to educate kids about illegal drugs and what problems arise from drug use. We can let teenagers watch movies that talk about why drugs are bad and what happens to people who use drugs. We can only hope for the best. Good luck!

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