Tasteful and Fashionable Ways to Create Handicapped Friendly Housing

It comes to my attention that many apartments and houses are made with able people in mind with stairs, high cabinetry, low commodes and sinks, etc. Even businesses make their path accessible to people who are able to do most things with their bodies. Yet, sometimes when an unexpected disabled person comes among us we are hit with a true reality that they do exist. Sometimes it could be from an accident or a hereditary condition that limits the body from doing tasks that most people don’t really think about such as lifting, walking long distances, standing, or even holding on to an object tight.

However, people with limited mobility or moderately to totally disabled individuals do not want to be thought of with pity. I believe its safe to say for all these individuals, that it matters most that their condition be taken into consideration with every plan one may have for clients, employees, members, or customers. The thought of raised seats for the commode,a handicapped parking, automatic doors, ramp additions and riding grocery carts are brilliant ways keeping the disabled in mind. Moreover there are even bigger things that can be done. For instance, a non profit agency Known as ARISE for low income families and the disabled made a plan for special homes called Visitability Homes. The key to these homes are accessibility around as well as inside the home. From this idea I developed ideas of my own that will make it more tasteful and fashionable for the individuals as well as the individual’s guests.


There are two different styles of ramp I’ve seen in the city where I live. One ramp goes straight down, and the other gradually goes down in two to three levels. When My father was disabled he was able to live in a house with a ramp like the first style mentioned. The problem we have with it is that the heavy snow from the roof of the cape cod fell and broke a part of it. This ramp became too steep for the drivers of medical wheel chair vans to push him in. It became dangerous.

SOLUTION:#1- When transporting the disabled in all weather conditions a more sturdy and stronger ramp is needed. There should be a gradual ramp make out of the same cement like the sidewalk with a tube cover over head to keep the snow and ice off the path.


The Visitability Home shown in a brochure was all on one floor. Some people have two story homes with a wooden ramp and a lift to take them to their bedrooms on the upper floors. There are homes with a walk in shower similar to those found in the hospitals like a mini shower room with bars to help the person by having something to hold on to ,and the shower head. Other additions are products are the shower chair for those who have trouble standing, and the higher commode seat. The problem with the bathroom was that it was put in wrong twice by the workers another non profit agency hired. It is dangerous for anyone to walk on slippery tile due to the fact that the drain is too small which makes a tiny flood. Not to mention the cheap grout that can mold up too easily.

SOLUTION #2- A Ranch home or flat Condominium would be most ideal for a family with an disabled member do its easy accessibility. The hallways, doorways and entrance should be large enough for a wheelchair to fit in. The bathroom should have one of those premier baths where one can walk in it without fear of flooding, and sit down on the seat provided in it. Another option is a walk in shower with a sitting block, and a hose that connects to the main shower head to bath oneself. In business facilities there are wheelchair stalls with a taller commode and bars to help the disabled slide themselves on to it. I believe these type of taller commodes should be put in homes , but made specifically for a home environment to make it easier. It looks more visitor friendly for guest who want to use your own facilities.The drain should be large enough, the grout should be resistant to mildew, virus, or stains. The tiles should be made slip proof to prevent the elderly and disabled individuals from falling. The kitchen cabinetry and cooking area should be low enough for them to cook with, or their chair be tall enough to lift them to a standing position to do for themselves. It makes one feel good to not have to ask for more help when it is easy to do things by oneself.


One thing I like about the idea of living in a condo is the fact that ones property is a big part of the whole. Meaning, a monthly fee will be charged each resident toward the upkeep of the area of snow removal, raking of leaves, mowing the lawn, and overall maintenance. In addition, this kind of living may be ideal for many people who want the convenience. For those who want to do it all yourselves, a riding mower is a great choice for mowing lawns. As far as shoveling snow it would be difficult to manage the scooter or wheel chair along with the burden of pushing a shovel. Yet, if one can invent a way to attach a shovel to the scooter , it may be doable. After all, the idea of adding a shovel to trucks works for driveways and parking lots as well as streets. Th all on one floor style enabled the person to be More involved with the going ons in the household by being able to go where ever there is a situation around the home. Space is another important feature in homes with disabled people, so it will be easier to get around.


The first time I’ve heard about this was on the show Extreme Makeover. This system is known to be better than the hospitals! It is important to have a system that will help one breathe better, especially those who have breathing problems. Those who cannot have regular exercise needs fresh air in their lungs. The filtration takes away the dust and viruses that would make a non active person more susceptible to illness. Another necessity is a cool mist humidifier to keep moisture in the air to help the skin not get too dry.

Tasteful and fashionable homes for individuals of limited mobility is in the appearance and accessibility. One doesn’t want the home to scream ” Hey! I need help. I’m disabled.”, but to express I am able to do for myself and live a more comfortable life. To understand the life of one who has limitations with solutions takes the plight of being disabled less intimidating as well as easier to bare. Having limitations of my own, It is important that the issues of access be addressed on this larger scale for every disabled person even those with limited income. All one has to do is think about people around who have the same issues, or what you would want done if you were in their shoes.

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