Ten Tips for Mindful Living

In a busy life, dwelling on past mistakes and concerns about the future often limits productivity and can even lead to depression and physical illness. Mindfulness means to dwell in the present, freeing the mind from stress and worry.

1) Meditating just ten minutes a few times a week can improve mood and physical health. Sit quietly and concentrate on breathing; it is the foundation of life, something we often taken for granted.

2) If breath is the foundation of life, food and drink are a close second. Don’t eat while driving or watching television. Take the time to chew and enjoy your food fully.

3) A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Clean off your desk, throw away old magazines and newspapers. Organizing the place you live and work in helps clear the mind and reduce stress.

4) Take a few minutes every week to plan activities, meals, take note of birthdays and anniversaries. Making use of a well-managed calendar means you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.

5) A famous quote says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Prioritize and decide what in your life is worth the harmful effects of stress.

6) Create a sanctuary for yourself, a place to escape from every day worries. This can be as simple as a chair to read or meditate in or your own bathroom.

7) Take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Take time for adequate sleep and eat fresh, healthy foods. By nourishing the body, you nourish the soul as well.

8) Foster joy in your life by making the time to play and enjoying small things that bring happiness. Put a flower in a jar on the windowsill, take a walk in the country, listen to music that uplifts.

9) Another famous quote says “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Instead of worrying over the past or how other people act, concentrate on your own actions and reactions.

10) When you first wake in the morning, don’t make a mental list of everything that needs to be done that day. Focus on your breath for a few moments and remind yourself to enjoy your day!

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