The Annual Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival

The Annual Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival takes place in September of each year. This festival is an adults only festival that celebrates the western delicacy of Rocky Mountain Oysters, or for those who are not familiar with this food, bull testicles. During the festival you will be exposed to rowdy and wild Rocky Mountain fun including many cool events and lots of opportunities to eat fried Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Location of the Rocky Mountain Testicle Festival

The Annual Rocky Mountain Testicle Festival is held at the Rock Creek Lodge in Clinton, Montana. The Rock Creek Lodge is located at Exit 126 on I-90, which is about twenty-two miles east of the city of Missoula. If you would like to reserve a room or tent space you can call the lodge at 1-406-825-4868, or you can email them for more information at

Clinton, Montana is also close to Missoula, Montana, which has several quality hotels and motels that you can stay at if you decide not to stay at the Rock Creek Lodge. To find lodging information for Missoula you can use Travelocity or a local travel agent. If you’re flying in for the festival the Missoula International Airport is the closest airport. If you will be flying in it will be a good idea to rent a car as taxi services are limited in this area.


The price for general admissions is $15.00. If you want to rent a spot to set up a tent or pickup canopy your entrance fee will be $20.00, and if you want to rent an RV/5th Wheel space the cost will be $40.00. If you would like more ticket information you can visit the official website of the festival at Here you will not only find pricing information for tickets, but you will also find order information for the Testicle Festival Merchandise line, which includes: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, beach towels, stuffed animals, caps, hot sauce, Testicle Festival novelty aprons, Testicle Festival barbeque Aprons, Testicle Festival playing cards, Testicle Festival Golf Balls, bumper stickers, key chains, fridge magnets, beer can insulators, videos, glassware, and other novelty items. You can browse through available items and purchase official Testicle Festival merchandise at Also, shopping at this store means no sales tax.


The Annual Testicle Festival is a four day event that runs from a Thursday through Sunday. On Thursday the Welcome and Awards Presentations will commence around 6 p.m. On Friday the “Undy 500” Tricycle Racing event and Oil Wrestling will be held. On Saturday you can play B.S. Bingo, take part in the “Nut” eating contest, enter the Wet T Shirt contest, enter the hairy chest contest, enter the nice bike contest, and see who will win the grand prize drawing. The 2006 prize is a 1984 pickup truck. Sunday will include the tattoo contest and the ball bitin’ contest.

For More Information

If you would like to “have a ball” at this year’s Testicle Festival you will want to contact the Rock Creek Lodge for details.

Rock Creek Lodge
I-90 Exit 126
Box 825
Clinton, Montana 59825
(406) 825-4868 phone number

If you need driving directions to the Rock Creek Lodge then you should go to Here you will find a MapQuest map to the site. You will also find a MapQuest Directions form that you can use to get specific driving directions from your location to the festival.

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