The Best Kept Secrets of Cedar Point, the Roller-Coaster Capital of the World

For many in the Midwest, it’s a rite of passage to make an annual ‘pilgrimage’ to Cedar Point. Located in Sandusky, Ohio on a peninsula in Lake Erie, Cedar Point is the stuff dreams are made of for school-kids and kids-at-heart, alike. With a new rollercoaster developed nearly every year, tons of shows, concessions, midway games, and even hotels to stay at, it’s no secret that Cedar Point is a desirable location for many. But what about those who aren’t thrill-seeking, or at least, not thrilled at the thought of standing for hours in the rain? I provide you the best kept secrets of Cedar Point for rainy days, chaperones, and those that simply can’t step onto the coasters.

My mother has taken groups of up to 350 middle-schoolers to Cedar Point for vocal competitions every year for the past twenty years. I, myself, have chaperoned her trip several times and gone to Cedar Point at least once a year for most of my life. My grandparents have even ridden the Magnum for crying out loud. Nobody knows Cedar Point like my family.

And what we know is that more often than not, rides are closed due to the weather rolling in off the lake and it’s best to stay away from cranky middle-schoolers when this happens. What is there to do if it’s raining or the thrill-rides just aren’t for you?

The Train. No, seriously. A short wait and a long ride around and through the park is great for those who want to sit down without having to fork over cash inside a restaurant. The CP & LP Express also allows riders to stay on the train and ride again in order to make a complete circuit (or just to keep on riding). One of the best kept secrets is the ride from the back of the park toward the front, where a band of robotic outlaw skeletons situated in the brush provide some entertainment.

Paddlewheel Excursions. Much like the train, the Paddlewheel Excursion allows visitors a tranquil ride. Being near the water, but not in it, can be especially helpful on scorching hot days, but is equally as peaceful during the rain because of the covered boat.

Red Garter Saloon. One of my family’s favorite places in Cedar Point is the Red Garter Saloon. No, we’re not a bunch of lush alcoholics, but we do enjoy great live music. The show is different every year but always includes band, vocal, and dance numbers. Grab a table, order some popcorn, and stay for the one-hour show you won’t forget. The performers are so professional, you’ll think you’re at an original concert.

Macaroni’s. Ready to sit down and eat but want it fast and classy? The Macaroni’s restaurant is one of the easiest options, located close enough to the front of the park that chaperones can still make all of the check-ins. The restaurant is such a secret that there’s almost never a wait to be seated. The food prices are reasonable; a garden salad is only $3.99 and an appetizer of onion rings is only $4.29. Pizzas and the build-your-own sandwich bar (which includes veggie burgers!) run from $7-$15.

Peanuts Playground. Formerly Bearenstein Bear Land, in recent years, the Peanuts gang have taken over at Cedar Point. Essentially the Peanuts Playground is divided into two: an indoor romp combined with the Snoopy Store, and an outdoor area where kids are contained. In rainy weather, every kid-at-heart will love the indoor section and any Peanuts fan will enjoy shopping through the merchandise.

Frontier Trail. For the visitor that wants to shop, but just isn’t in the market for a keychain or silly toy, Frontier Trail provides a rarity. Hand-blown glass, woodworking, jewelry, pottery, weaving, and hand-made sweets are just a few of the items available. For added relaxation, stop in the small petting zoo!

Donut Time. Cedar Point has added breakfast items to its menu with the addition of the Starbucks coffee and bakery items in Donut Time. It doesn’t have to be breakfast to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a roll, and Donut Time’s location near the front of the park makes it an optimum destination for weary chaperones both on their way into the park and out.

Hopefully, with a few of these locations in mind, your adventure to Cedar Point can be fun, relaxing, and dry!

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