The Best Online Resources for Home Schooling

Home school resources are helpful for parents that are teaching children at home. Instead of having to travel back and forth to the library you can now go online to find most anything you need for home school purposes including printables, lesson plans, software, chat rooms, support groups and regional assistance.

One great place with lots of resources including discussion boards and mailing lists is Here you’ll find links to frequently asked questions about home schooling, when to teach what subjects, and a source for ads to find other home school teachers in your area.

At you’ll have access to over 400 pages of tips and articles about studying, worksheets, planners, and software.

Lots of free printables for home school teachers:

Visit to find categories such as Preschool, High School, Special Needs and more. The site has info on local and national organizations as well as classified ads and support group info.

Art, music, computer, early childhood, books, travel – you’ll find this and much, much more at If you’re new to home schooling you’ll find even more links.

Literally dozens of links are located at this site:

Find free math printable sheets here:

Math work sheets, puzzles, problems and test preparation printables for home school teachers:

Here you can get advice before you set up your new home school:

Check list before you start home schooling:

For K-5 grades here’s a large assortment of printable attendance records, report cards, assignment sheets, certificates and flash cards:

Articles, organizations and events specifically for home school dads:

At this site you’ll find virtual field trips for home school students with themes of Africa, America and the Ancient World:

Find home school printables, e-courses, clubs and activities here:

Crayola has some great resources for young kids:

A huge resource pool of information for home schools:

Free lesson plans, software and more:

Science projects, book reviews, history, math and other subjects:

Over 1500 pages of resources and projects:

If you’re home schooling and encountering behavioral problems here’s a good site to visit for suggestions and advice:

Support, curriculum discussions, expense saving:

Discipline tips:

What you need to make your home school a success:,1120,1-33766,00.html

Buy text books:,, or

Tips, advice, class, support and additional resources:

Teaching tools:

How to start your own home school club:

Home schools are popping up all over the country and many students fare better at home. If you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in home schooling you’ll find the tools and resources you need online.

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