The Casting of My First Magick Spell

A short while into my beginning studies of Wicca and witchcraft, I cast my first magick spell.

It was a money spell that worked VERY quickly. I don’t quite remember my needs at the time, but within about a day, I had acquired somewhere between $50-$70, from an unexpected source.

I cast this first spell during the day, when I was home alone. I could not tell you the moon phase at that time, as I hadn’t yet studied these things, and it wasn’t of concern to me.

I searched the net for a recipe for an anointing oil to draw money.

I found a few, and used one that said it would bring money quickly.

It was an oil involving so many drops of patchouli essential oil, in a base oil.

I believe I used almond oil for the base. (Never accidentally drip patchouli essential oil on anything, the scent is overpowering!)

Green is the color for prosperity and money, though I didn’t have a green candle at the time. In it’s place, I used a white one – which can always be substituted for any color.

I gathered my working materials together, and was psyched to cast my first spell.

While keeping in mind the results I wanted to achieve, I anointed my candle from top to bottom (drawing money “towards” me) with the anointing oil I had made.
I used both hands to do this. There are a variety of ideas about what is the “correct” way to anoint a candle. I almost always use both hands. The only thing that really matters is for the person doing to spell to feel confident in what they are doing. When it comes to spell work, there is no real right or wrong, only that you believe in what you are doing and have a positive attitude.

After anointing my candle, I held it high in my power hand (which for me, is my right one), and “charged” the candle with a few choice words, while drawing energy for the spell through my left hand.

I set the candle in it’s holder, lit it, and did a meditation of sorts while watching the flame, to bring about the results I wanted.

After about 20 minutes or so, I left the candle to burn itself out to complete the spell. It burned out completely, in about two and a half hours time. It was done.

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