The Difficulties of Being a Working Mother

Some women are offered glamorous, well paying jobs that in the past were exclusively for men. Yet it is still the vast majority of women who have the lowest paying jobs, low-status and very little chance for advancement. Statistics show that the gap between what the average man and woman earns has been widening. Any woman who hopes to find an exciting job with a very high pat rate, which will provide her with financial independence, is likely to be disappointed. There are also other problems that moms face on the job today. Any work environment can add stress to a woman’s nerves. There is even the fact that dozens of women have experienced sexual harassment on the job by male employees or bosses. Sexual harassment is defined as constant leering and ogling, squeezing and pinching, continually brushing up against a woman’s body, sexual propositions backed by the threat of losing a job.

What about the work a mother has to do when she gets home. They are already there which they have to care for. The fact that moms work outside the home unfortunately does not result in their husbands pitching in and helping out at home. Several surveys that I have read stated that two thirds of women had some domestic help one or two days a week to assist with laundry and cleaning, but the remaining third did all their own housework. At the end of the day most woman feel drained, which can be a serious problem when a mom tries to carry a superhuman load for too long of a time period. I know when I worked outside the home, nothing around the house was cared for the way it should be. I literally would just pile up the clean laundry and tell everyone to take what is there’s and put it away.

Children are also affected by not having their moms at home with them. Many moms try hard to make sure that they still spend time with their child. One thing moms should keep in mind is that the quantity is not as important as the quality time that is spent with your children. The sooner you as a mother can recognize this the better things will be. When a mom arrives home from a long day at work, they are instantly greeted with children who are anxious to tell them all about their day. You go to bed at 11:00pm and usually get up at about 5:00am to start your day all over again. Most of this time is spent giving your family the attention they need, cleaning the house, and still trying to find time to care for herself. Most kids don’t really complain that their fathers are not home, or that they are working late. But when mom is not at home they do complain.

Some women are successful in their business, yet there are times when you must refuse overtime and travel for you kids. Even times when it may put your job in jeopardy. A true mother who loves her family will always put her children first, regardless of the consequences. I realize many moms may think differently, but in my opinion family should be your priority not work.

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