The Houses and Planets of the Zodiac Explained

Do you ever read your horoscope? You know, just for fun? To see how closely it might correlate to your personality or the day’s events? We all have a cursory understanding that somehow astrology is based on the stars and planets, but in reality it goes much deeper. There are certain rules regarding astrological predictions that must be followed. For instance, astrology divides the sky into twelve different sectors, and these sectors are known as houses. Each astrological house lies within a planet or a constellation and its position provides information on the influence that will be felt in a given area.

The Houses of the Astrological Chart

First House: Birth. The first house in the astrological charts provides the basic information about you, such as personality factors, your health, the manner in which you reveal facts about yourself to others, and your outward appearance.

Second House: Possessions. The second astrological house provides information about the things that you own. As might be expected, this house also gives indications about your feelings toward material possessions and wealth. It’s not just about what you have, but how you feel about what you have.

Third House: Mind. This astrological house is about your worldview and your mindset. It’s not just about your thoughts on the world around you, however, but also how you communicate those feelings to others and how you express those thoughts both verbally and creatively.

Fourth House: Home. The fourth house of the zodiac isn’t necessarily about the structure in which you live. Astrologically speaking, the home is about family, your roots, ancestors, family desires, and other aspects relating to home in a much more universal way than simply whether you live in a house or apartment.

Fifth House: Creativity. In this case, the astrological house is much more flexible. Creativity in this case doesn’t mean just artistic ability or thinking deeply and more critically. The fifth house of astrology is also concerned with how you derive pleasure, the means by which you spend your leisure time, and your choices for socializing.

Sixth House: Work. This astrological house is pretty self-explanatory. It is the house that covers your employment, of course, but it also extends to your career desires, your job dreams, and the interpersonal relationships you make at work.

Seventh House: Heart. Love. Marriage. Dreams of finding the perfect guy or gal. Memories of heartache. Fears of commitment. The seventh house of the zodiac is where all the really good stuff springs from.

Eighth House: Sharing. Are you a giver or a taker? Do you give as good as you get? The eighth astrological house reveals not only your generosity but your selfishness. This house of the zodiac is all about your attitudes. These attitudes toward selfishness or generosity extends not only to money, but also to time, to your sex life, even to whether you are willing to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Ninth House: Intellect. This house of the zodiac is all about your brain and smarts. It is as much about how you learn as what you learn. Not just about school and formal education, but also your entire attitude toward learning. Do you crave knowledge or do you resist new ideas? The ninth house is where this information is located in the horoscope.

Tenth House: Ambition. Stealing a little thunder from some of the other houses, the tenth astrological house deals with aspiration and dreams, goals and desires, plans and obstacles.

Eleventh House: Friendship. This house of the zodiac has to do with not only who your friends are, but how you choose them, how you treat them, and how you interact with them.

Twelfth House: Oneness. The darkest of the 12 houses of the zodiac, this house is about loneliness, seclusion, and even the unconscious. It has the reputation for being the house of death, but it is more apt to describe it as being the house that contains your fear of death, as well as your more irrational fears.

In addition to astrological houses of the zodiac, the sun, moon and planets are all also extremely important. In astrological terms, the Copernican revolution never took place; astrology is not heliocentric. Everything revolves around the earth.

The Planets of the Astrological Chart.

The Sun. Yes, true, the sun isn’t a planet, but it is considered equal to the planets in all ways except one. It is much more important than the planets. The sun is the governor of your character. As such, it is the astrological determinant of growth, vitality, and your power.

The Moon. Just as we call someone a lunatic to describe irrational emotional behavior, so the moon is considered the planet that provides insight into your emotional state. As such, it is somewhat mysterious and imaginative.

Mercury. The mythological Mercury was a speedy messenger; just look at the symbol for FTD. In astrology, Mercury serves as a messenger as well. It is the planet of communication and provides information on how you manage to communicate and get along with others.

Venus. The planet of love, of course. Beyond mere romance, however, it is also the guide for understanding how you an appreciate such things as beauty and art and the finger things life has to offer.

Mars. The war of the worlds doesn’t involve Martians for nothing. Mars governs conflict and disagreement, as well as war. Interesting, though certainly not ironically, Mars is also the planet that governs sexuality.

Jupiter. Philosophy, leisure, recreation, all these things belong to Jupiter. In addition, it is the oppositional force to Mars in that Jupiter governs random acts of kindness.

Uranus. It is just coincidence that this unfortunately-named planet is the planet that governs those things you should eliminate. Uranus is the planet that represents those aspects involving avoidance, as well as learning from mistakes.

Neptune. This astrological planet is the one that captures your religious and spiritual essence. It is not just related to God and morality, but also about your sense of idealism as well as your overall sensitivity.

Pluto. This is the planet of the twelfth house of the zodiac. It is concerned with darkness and the unconscious. It is the governor over your feelings and your fear of death. It isn’t just about your fear of death, but all the dark sides that you fear.

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