The Quota System in MBBS

The Quota System In MBBS

The quota system is meant for providing educational benefits to the lower caste people. The lower caste people get less benefits due to their economic backwardness. Now it has been found that the students get admitted by hook or crook through quota in India. The quota system has been misused. The latest dispute over quota led Mr. Arjun Singh in tight position. He declared that quota system should be 27%. But the majority of medical students want the quota system to be abolished. It led to a huge protests with students committing suicide, fasting, and shouting in public places. The students created their organization and they started revolting.

There was a huge protest in the medical students. They stopped their work. They fasted in large numbers. Huge processions were made and large gatherings were also made. There was a lot of suicides and many students burned themselves in public places out of protest.

Quota system is created by politicians to increase their votes. They create certain seats reserves in different hospitals for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. If the seats are not filled, they will remain empty. Sometimes these are abused and normal students are admitted through political source under a quota.

One should become doctor through merit not by quota. A person must pass the joint entrance exam properly with sufficient marks to qualify. He must have the capability to study the medicine. A medical profession is a hard profession. One has to practice surgery and medicine and remain as an intern. It is a hard profession. It is not the job of an SC or ST. A person must be capable of taking up medical profession. Special benefits sometimes ruins a person.

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