The Top Three Day Spas in Denver, CO

Escaping the pressures of everyday life is something that we need more of but just don’t get enough of. There is no harm in pampering yourself at an exquisite day spa and indulging in serenity, especially when everyday pressures are constantly building up. Blissful massages, facials, and mud wraps are all that you may need to feel an amazing uplift in your mind, body, and soul. If you are in the Denver area and you are ready for an unforgettable relaxing experience, then you have to check out the Metro Area’s top 3 day spas.

Rain Spa Bodyworks
Escape the hustle and bustle of your busy days and come in and relax in the #1 rated spa in the Denver Metro area. Rain Spa is Denver Citysearch’s Editorial Winner of 2006 and is rated extremely high amongst its’ satisfied customers. If you enjoy fresh botanical treatments, cleansing water therapies, and wonderful spa packages you have to try out this luxurious spa getaway located in the heart of Cherry Creek. Rain Spa not only focuses on relaxing the clients but also rejuvenating their mind, body and spirit. Alternative spa treatments are used along with natural products in order to ensure everlasting changes within the body and mind. Revive your spirit and revel in peace and serenity because you are invited to the most relaxing, friendly, and enchanting experience in the Denver Metro Area.

Spa Packages and Prices

Dutch Chocolate & Honey Salt Scrub
1-Hour Black Cherry Circulatory Massage
1-Hour Herbal Cherry Facial
Hydrojet Pedicure
Nourishing Manicure
(4 hours and 45 minutes)

Garden of Calm
Rosemilk & Honey Herbal Chocolate Facial
Emulsifying Rose Mineral Clay Wrap
1-Hour Swedish Massage
Milk & Honey Hydrojet Pedicure
Nourishing Manicure
(4 hours and 45 minutes)

Heated Journey
Grape Thermal Facial
Warm Cinnamon Sugar Scrub
1-Hour Circulatory Massage
Hydrojet Pedicure
(4 hours)

Tropical Angel
Soy & Tangerine Wrap & Scrub
Chocolate Herbal Facial
1-Hour Swedish Massage
Soy Hydrojet Pedicure
(4 hours)

Dance of the Wind
1-Hour Swedish Massage
Custom Blended Facial
Hydrojet Pedicure
Nourishing Manicure
(3 hours 45 minutes)

Dream Time
1-Hour Lavender Swedish Massage
Green Tea & Raspberry Hydrojet Pedicure
(2 hours)

Tips: Ask for Nancy Dupont, the reviews reveal that she is the best. Try to squeeze into her busy schedule. Parking isn’t the best. There is parking behind the building or on the street.

Contact Info:
Rain Spa Bodyworks
310 Saint Paul St.
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-388-2408

The Woodhouse Day Spa
Ladies and Gentlemen get ready for the ultimate spa experience. From the moment you arrive to The Woodhouse Day Spa you will be pampered and treated like royalty. Forget your stresses and embrace relaxation. You are invited to spend the entire day indulging in absolute tranquility. Pick and choose from over 70 spa treatments and enjoy your time at Colorado’s premier luxury day spa. You won’t find another destination like this one. The Woodhouse is only minutes from beautiful downtown Denver and is located in the historic “Merritt House” building. Take pleasure in The Woodhouse’s Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap or an enchanting Magnolia bath, whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Spa Packages and Prices

Secret of Victoria
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap or Aromatherapy Bath (Your Choice)
Aromatherapy Massage
Essential Cleansing Facial
The Woodhouse Pedicure
Spritzer Manicure
(5 hours)

Intensive Care
Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap
Detoxifying Vichy Shower
Extreme Moisture Facial
Peppermint Sea Scrub Pedicure
Nurturing Manicure
(3 hours and 30 minutes)

Miss Jeni
Magnolia Bath (with tea and candlelight)
Volcanic Stone Massage
Oxygen Generating Facial
Seaweed Foot Facial
(4 hours and 45 minutes)

The Recovery Room
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Essential Cleansing Facial
Foam Sea Soak Pedicure
(2 hours)

Executive Workout (For Him)
Sports Massage
Reflexology Treatment
Hot Towel Facial
Gentleman’s Manicure
Foam Sea Soak Pedicure
(3 hours and 30 minutes)

Bridal Bliss (Brides-to-be)
Swedish Massage
Your choice of luscious manicures/pedicures
Woodhouse makeup lesson
(5 hours and 30 minutes)

Day at the Woodhouse
Exclusive baths
Swedish Massage
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap or Magnolia Souffle
Vichy Shower
Lunch in the Quiet Room or Elegant Tea Room
Woodhouse Signature Facial
Woodhouse Signature Manicure
Egyptian Pedicure
(7 hours)

Pea in the Pod Massage
Mini Spa Facial
Peppermint Sea Scrub Pedicure
(2 hours)

Tips: Spa Parties are also available if you want to share your experience with someone you love. Complimentary valet parking is available also.

Contact Info:
The Woodhouse Day Spa
941 E. 17th Ave
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303-813-8488

Revive Spa
It is now time to check out of your hectic day and check into the Revive Spa. Rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit will be the number one reason that you have to check out one of Denver’s finest day spas. Revive’s elite professionals will present you with the most effective treatments this side of the Rocky Mountains. Hot stone therapeutic massages and delightful sunless tans are sure to help you relax and relieve you of all of your day-to-day worries. You are invited to indulge in pure relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Spa Treatments and Prices

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pre-Natal Massages, Mini Massage, and Aromatherpy.
Price Range: $35.00-$85.00

Escale Beaute-Citrus and French Lavender Facial
(35 minutes $40.00)

Le Grande Classique– Deep pore cleansing facial
(60 minutes $65.00)

Revive Facial– Custom Facial
(60 minutes $65.00)

Hydralessence Facial– Deep Hydrating Facial
(75 minutes $85.00)

Metro Facial for Men
(60 minutes $65.00)

Vital-Intense Facial
(75 minutes $85.00)

Acne Solution Facial
(75 minutes $75.00)

Multi-Vitamin Power Facial
(60 minutes $70.00)

Hand and Foot Treatments
Price Range: ($25.00-$65.00)

Contact Info:
Revive Spa
500 E. 19th Ave.
Denver, CO
Phone: 303-284-2550

I hope that God willing you have an excellent spa experience in Denver.

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