Top Sex Toy Shops in Philadelphia

Staying in Philly for Labor Day? Nothing like a three day weekend as an excuse to lie in bed all day. And if you’re going to be in bed all day anyway, why not have a little fun? Nothing celebrates the end of summer like a bed full of sex toys tangled in the sheets! Of course, you’ll need to stock up on some essential toys for a day of fun, alone or with your sweetie. Fortunately, Philadelphia – city of brotherly love – is chock full of great places to go for sex toys!

Condom Kingdom is Philly’s place for the kitch and fun – classic leopard print vibrators, penis shaped pasta, fur-lined handcuffs, and sex toys of many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Want edible body paint? Condom Kingdom is your place. For the slightly more adventurous, try the toy with a riding crop at one and end a tickle feather at the other. And of course, if you and your sex toys are practicing safer sex, check out the wide range of latex and polyurethane condoms. The wide array of lubes will help things go more smoothly, and don’t forget to stock up on batteries while you’re at it.

You’ll also find the perfect accessories for a bachelorette or bachelorette party, including the full-body condom. What Philly bachelorette doesn’t need one of those? For her bachelor, I mean. They have leashes too. And did I mention the handcuffs?

With a small but superb collection of the finest sex toys available in Philly, Coeur complements their lingerie with glass dildoes, silicone vibes, and the swankiest lube you’ll find anywhere. These aren’t just sex toys, they’re sex instruments.

Most unique of all, Coeur has a tuning fork sex toy. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a solid aluminum tuning fork, a little over 10 inches long, with an acrylic rod to tap the fork with, creating waves of pulsating vibrations. You’ll be ringing like the Liberty Bell. Crafted by sculptor Ray Cirino, it’s as much a work of art as it is a sex toy. This toy alone is worth the trip to Philly!

Coeur’s environment is like a cozy boudoir, more satin and lace than leather and chains. Small and stuffed with beautiful silky things, the sex toys live behind a blue door, a little closet positively bursting with the highest quality sex toys on the market. This is Philadelphia at its most elegantly erotic.

Passional’s specialty is corsets, but don’t let that fool you. They have one of everything. This is where sex toy fans go to die. Need a g-spot vibe? Ask for the Rock Chick, a uniquely shaped purple vibrator specifically designed to hit the spot. More a clit oriented gal? Go for the Lily, the tiny, nearly silent toy that looks almost as nice as it feels. You’ll find plenty of leather at Passional, and enough new gadgets in gizmos to keep you satisfied way past Labor Day.

Nowhere in Philly will you find better-educated sex toy sales folk! If you like your sex toy shopping experience a little less vanilla and a lot moreâÂ?¦ wellâÂ?¦ creative, then Passional is the place for you. From the basic Hitachi to the exotic spiked cock ring, Passional has what you desire. While you’re there, ask to see the Fleshlight with a G-spot!

Passional also hosts regular workshops on corsetry, domination and submission, sensation play, orgasms and the g-spot and just about everything else you can imagine. Their Fantasy Workshops draw the most impressive list of educators you’ll find anywhere in Philadelphia. It’s one thing to own a great sex toy, but it’s quite another to learn to use it in creative, torturous, blissful ways! Keep an eye out for new speakers, or book a guest speaker for you and your friends! Now there’s an idea for a bachelorette party…

Coeur: 132 South 17th Street, Philadelphia. 215-972-0373
Condom Kingdom: 437 South Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215-829-1668
Passional: 704 S. 5th St. Philadelphia, 215-829-4986

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