Top Tax Preparers in Lawton, Oklahoma

There are so many options when chosing your tax preparer that it is best to be well informed before hiring one. Every person has different needs in an accountant. Here are some of the top tax preparers in Lawton, Oklahoma.

First there is Jackson Hewitt. They are perhaps the most convient of all in Lawton. They have a set up in both local Wal’marts. They also have three other locations here in town, located at:
1306 sw Lee blvd. 355-4646
2210 w Gore blvd. Suite 1 355-4646
6518-A nw Cache Rd. 355-4646

They offer free electronic filing when you hire them to prepare your taxes. They are equiped to file all states income tax returns. They offer IRS audit assistance and they have year round service. They do offer rapid refund which could get you your money in as little as one day. For military, police, and fire personnel they offer a %25 discount on return preparation. You can visit them on the web at or call thier toll free number at 1-800-234-1040.

The next preparer is Crawford’s Tax Service. They are a locally owned tax preparer with Calvin D. Crawford as the tax preparer. The offer free electronic filing of your returns when you hire them to prepare your taxes. They are equiped to prepare past, present, and amended returns as well as all states taxes. They prepare individual returns, farm returns, small business returns, and even trucker returns. They offer refund anticipation loans, RAL advances, refund transfers, and direct deposit. They are open year round and have very convient hours. Their hours during tax season are monday through friday 9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. and off season monday through friday 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Thier convient location is 1511 W Gore Blvd. suite 3. You can contact them by phone at (580)354-0350 or on the net at or email them at

Another great tax preparation business is Liberty Tax Service. They are located at 60 nw Sheridan Rd. and during tax season in the local K-mart. The main branch is open year round. The offer a money back guarantee. They offer fast loans on refunds, most within 24 hours. They have electronic filing and year round service. They do extentions, amended returns and most states. They are well educated in doing personal returns and small business tax returns. You can contact them by phone at (580)581-1040or on the web at

The last preparer that I will mention is Turnbull’s Tax Service. they are the income tax specialist, with over 29 years experience. They are enrolled to practice before the IRS. They individual and business taxes including all state taxes. They have electronic filing an offer refund anticipation loans. They offer a few other services besides taxes which include payroll and bookkeeping. The store is located at 1531 w Gore blvd. They can be reached by telephone at (580)248-0347 or on the web at

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