Top Trends: The Denim Connection

They say that red’s the new black and blue has ventured into the realms of midnight and indigo, but what remains our most popular fashion trend, year after year? When push comes to shove, most will agree that while the rustle of organza or taffeta might have appeal, and the whisper of chiffon has its own allure, nothing beats the rough and ready feel of denim. Throughout changing times, blue jeans remain a crowd pleaser, and 2006 is not about to let us down when it comes to jazzing up blue jean. Learn what’s in and what’s out in the denim world this fall.

Last year, blue jeans sparkled and drew attention, embellished with rhinestones and dressed up with fancy fringed belts. For 2006, however, designers have decided to go back to basics. Expect to see the fall lines to be sleek and stylish, yet surprisingly simple. Emphasizing length, the tight legged jeans of the 80’s are back in full swing, complete with the zippered legs and pockets. Whether you put them with a stylish pump, black boots with a stiletto heel, or strappy little sandals, these jeans have always been a favorite. Speaking of returning favorites, let’s not forget the popular crop legged jean that just begs to go for a morning walk, barefoot along the beach. Drawing attention to slender calves and ankles, especially when coupled with a smart pair of pumps, these Ã?¾ length jeans continue to stay a crowd pleaser.

Now what would you say, if you heard that the new blue� is gray? White jeans may be out and black jeans have faded into the background, but offering a smoky spin on fall fashion, gray denim adds its own special charm to the garment racks. For another new twist, how about a leather wash blue jean? Specially treated, so that the cotton material resembles leather, these jeans take us into a realm that pleather only dreamed of.

A definite plus in the fashion world has to be the high backed blue jean. For the shorter crowd or anyone else who wants to make their legs look longer, this newly fashionable look flatters the hips, drawing attention to a slimmer waist and gives women a break from having to hitch up their jeans every time they turn around. Reminiscent of the Chic brand, these high backed jeans are sure to be a favorite for the practical woman who wants to stay stylish. Not crazy about the high backs and lower fronts? High waist jeans are also making a fashion appearance, offering a trim and narrow look before flaring along the legs.

In addition to the classic straight and narrow blue jean look, fashion setters for 2006 are donning blue jeans that are not only tight in the leg but long in length, giving the appearance of slouch socks or, yes, they might actually be making a comeback – leg warmers. Scrunched over a pair of boots or a nice pump, these extra long jeans help to draw attention to the latest footwear fashions. An additional plus is that this style of jean works beautifully and gives an impression of length to women of all different heights (always good for those who aren’t long and lanky).

A couple of unique and eyebrow-raising styles for 2006 include the new wide-legged jean, which flares out at the upper thigh and continues down the entire leg (very popular amongst the teenagers, despite the tendency to make wearers appear to have tiny waists and big thick legs), or for the ultimate on-the-go experience – blue jeans with built-in socks. For those who hate trying to tuck their jeans in their boots, they can now simply slide on a pair of these jeans and all the hard work is already done. Be forewarned, however, that you’re sure to get a few curious looks if you take those boots off in public. It takes a while to get used to seeing a blue jean with knee-highs attached.

Whether you’re looking for a smart and sophisticated look, some retro fun, or to be completely off the wall and different, the 2006 blue jean fall fashions are sure to have something that appeals. Popular with silver-screen starlets and hi-fashion trend-setters, as well as school-aged girls and soccer moms, you can’t go wrong with a few good pair of blue jeans. Well-worn and comfortable, a pair of denim blue jeans are sure to worm their way into your favor sooner or later. Enjoy!

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