Traveling with a Baby

Traveling with a baby can be overwhelming. Our economy-sized car is packed when we take a trip with our daughter. Babies need a lot of stuff. The key to traveling with a baby is to have a plan but be flexible enough to deviate from it at any given moment.

When we are planning a trip, always make a list with a baby. Packing for an overnight trip can almost seem like moving when you have a baby. If you do not start a list, chances are good something will be forgotten. I usually start my list a few days before our trip that way I can add to it as I think of needed items. A list does relieve some of the stress of packing.

Put everything that you’ll need for the actual trip in the diaper bag. A few diapers, baby wipes, bottle, extra clothing, and a changing pad are all items that I put in the diaper bag. The diaper bag has a few more items than it regularly does for road trips but makes it easier to locate those essentials rather than having to dig through luggage.

I like to actually pack the baby’s bag before I pack ours. This way I have more time to double check to make sure nothing has been forgotten. There are a lot of things I usually forget to pack for us on a trip, but we can usually manage without it. I have forgotten socks and other small items before, but the thought of my baby doing without something she needs is intolerable. Her luggage comes first.

Plan your stops ahead of time. Although you may have to make more stop depending how the little one is doing, think where you may make planned stops. When traveling to the in-laws, we always plan to stop in this one city at a certain book store. It’s located near the interstate, has clean bathrooms (with a changing station), and nice, comfortable chairs perfect for relaxing and feeding the baby to give her a break from the car seat. If you are going to a route you are unfamiliar with, check for major cities along the way and interstate rest areas.

My baby is great at entertaining herself. Give her a toy, and she is happy for quite some time. Bring along a few extra toys for the road trip. This will ensure a variety and keep her occupied longer.

Some items I like to pack on a road trip when carrying the baby are a flashlight, hand sanitizer, umbrella, a hat, and a fully charged cell phone. I try to think of roadside emergencies and make sure that we are as prepared as can be.

Your trip will take longer when traveling with a baby. All the extra stops can add as long as a few hours to your trip. Plan the literary accordingly.

Traveling with a baby does get easier once you have done a few trips. Our first road trip with the baby was a learning experience. Now it seems like we are old pros. The biggest challenge is packing so prepare. With a little planning, your trip with your baby should be enjoyable and not stressful.

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