What to Expect with Bipolar

The world looks a lot different. Fear does not exist. You’re ready to move for days. Nothing can stop you because you have it on your mind. Now you are going to figure it out no matter how long it takes. Life is great, until it stops. Terror, sadness, and regret takes over. Honestly you have no idea what just happened or how you got to this point. Tears are natural now. What ever happened before doesn’t matter anymore. Now you want to die. When you are in a manic state, no matter what your trying to figure out, usually you will end up doing what ever it takes to know everything you need to know or do. Delusions or paranoia happen from not sleeping or not getting enough sleep. Sometimes it feels like the world is against you, or you are hurting everyone else. Sometime its too much to manage and suicide can occur.

A lot of people do not understand people being diagnosed with bipolar. Especially the manic episodes. Family will give up if they don’t know or understand the cause. They can’t handle the rapid mood swings. Without family support, it can be tough to deal with bipolar on your own.

Family support can be huge in recovery. When someone you know tries to understand, you know your not in this alone. Medication can help stabilize moods but they will not fix everything. Therapy is also a way to help. It is always good to have someone that is not your family or friends to talk to or judge how you feel. Some people have family while others do not. But no matter what hope still exists.

People will never understand bipolar exactly. Why does it exist? What causes it? Some people say genetics, which I agree with. But I also believe that traumatic events cause it. Such as abuse at a young age or injuring your brain and causing a traumatic brain injury.

When you are in a manic state, your mind wont stop going. it’s a never ending cycle. You go from one thing to another. When you talk people don’t completely understand what you are saying because you move from one thing to the next and then you get confused as well. You could put yourself in harmful situations like rape, prostitution, drugs, or physical abuse.

Being hospitalized will help for stabilization, but I believe a long term stay in the hospital will not help anyone. Along with feeling trapped, you can’t force treatment. If a person is not willing, they will not benefit from hospitalization. Usually it takes hitting rock bottom for anyone to change or accept help.

Family and friends should watch for warning signs. Warning signs include rapid speech, the need to keep going, depression, not sleeping, etc. To help prevent an episode make sure you are open and honest with everyone that is willing to help.

Smiles and laughter turn to anger and punches which instantly turns to sadness and regret .

Bipolar can be managed, but yet it has to be accepted before it can be treated.

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