Why Women Want You when You’re Taken

My fella’s, have you ever noticed that when you’re publicly involved with another woman, you get more love taps and batting eyebrows from women than you did before you were in your relationship? Well, if you haven’t, then you just aren’t looking (or you have never had a girlfriend, and that’s a whole other article). But what’s the reason for this. Whenever I’m involved with a woman, other females talk to me more, flirt with me more and offer to do things with me more often.

On one occasion, there was this one blunt woman who I was talking to just before I got involved with another lady. I had tried to start something with the first one, but she was not really having it. So, anyway, about three weeks into my relationship with another lady, the blunt woman blatantly asked me if I had broken up with the lady every 6 or 7 days. It was ridiculous. She really wanted to give me a chance once I was no longer available. Why?

Well, only the individual female can give you an exact answer, however, I can give you the basics. I’m sure you aware that women are attracted to things like fame, wealth, and status (Not to say in anyway that all women are gold diggers, but you do not see a lot of million-dollar men who are running short on women). Fame is attractive to women because it means that you are creative, aspiring and well-liked by others. Wealth can guarantee financial security for a woman. And status means that you have agency over what you do in your life, and that ability demonstrates a power that many women find irresistible. But does being in a relationship have the same effect that fame, wealth and status have?


For one, jealousy plays a role in this. Like in the situation I mentioned before, the girl who was interested in me after I got in a relationship was clearly suffering from some brand of jealousy. It is possible that she still harbored feelings for me, and was regretful about how things between her and I failed to materialize. So, whenever she saw me with my girl, perhaps while we were holding hands or talking on the premises, she was reminded of how she once wanted to do those things with me. And while I’m sure she was not going home crying anytime she saw me with another woman, I am positive that she could have done with out it. Because every time she saw me, a piece of her was probably wishing she was in the shoes of the woman I was with; not necessarily because of her feelings for me, but because she was covetous of the affection, warmth and adoration my new lady was receiving.

Another reason why women adore the attached man is because the attached man is no longer looking for woman. Oh, sure there are dogs out there that are willing to cheat, but the dogs are not the ones who are receiving attention from women (unless of course you are a married man who is garnering the attention from desperate women). Women are more interested in the man who is less interested in them. You have never seen a woman fall in love with somebody who was all over them from the beginning, giving them gifts off the bat and doing every single thing to please them. In fact, that’s the worst thing a man can do to gain the affection of a woman. Thus, doing just the opposite, ignoring them, is something women are attracted. Once again, I’m not saying that women fall in love with somebody who acts like they do not exist, but when a man is not looking at them, talking at them or remotely interested in communicating with a woman, she cannot help but perceive the man as being mysterious and mystifying. And being mysterious is good. It means you are special, and it means that you can appreciate the special things about a woman because you are special too.

The most explicable raison d’Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½tre for women treating a kept man like an NBA Superstar is because no woman wants a man that no other woman wants. You being with another woman represents so much to the female gender, mainly that you are not just another playboy but are instead somebody who enjoys the comfort of a woman. It shows that you have the ability to be in a relationship, which is important when you are a woman looking for a man. Being in a relationship also promotes a man’s “likeability.” No woman wants somebody who their friends and foes are not going to be envious of. A relationship man illustrates a capacity to love and to be loved, and that’s all a woman really wants out of a man.

However, I must underline the fact that trying to take advantage of this relationship phenomenon is not a good idea. The reason the relationship phenomenon exist is because you are marked “untouchable.” As soon as you show a woman that you are touchable, the relationship phenomenon is no longer there. So, if your plan is to get a woman and then attract women to you like a magnet, women will see through that and it will not work. Your mark of “untouchability” has to be genuine.

As for you guys who are as dumbfounded by this relationship phenomenon as me, it is perfectly okay. Afterall, we men certainly do not gain an extra piece of desirability for a woman when they become attached; in fact, we are more likely to be turned off by a woman who has chosen another man over us. But now that you can understand their reasoning for it, you do not have to keep beating yourself up over the head when that sexy vixen from the bar all of a sudden is interested in you after she has seen you with your girlfriend. Now you can just shake it off, realize there’s nothing you can do about it, and save her number for when you break up.

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