World Horror Convention

Are you a lover of scary flicks? Maybe you’re in the business and make frightening costumes for a living? Possibly you’re an actor who has been cast in ghastly roles? Whether you’re in the industry, or you’re just a fan, you can meet others that work in the industry or are just enthusiasts, when you attend the World Horror Convention.

Every year, thousands of horror lovers meet to discuss ghouls, goblins, ghosts and general horror topics. The first convention was held in Nashville, Tennessee in 1991 and now there’s a new convention, in a new location, each and every year.

And don’t think you won’t know anyone there! It’s commonplace for some of the most famous people in the field to attend the convention. Guests of honor have included many legends in horror literature, television, movies and art. Some familiar people who have attended the convention included actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes people from movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, The Blob, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1,000 Corpses.

One of the greatest things about the Horror Convention is that you can bid to host it in your own home town. The responsibility is a big one, but if you’re up to the challenge, you can host the show yourself. Place a bid at the World Horror Convention website and they’ll notify you if you’ve won the bid to host.

At the site you’ll also find message boards where you’ll find postings concerning after event parties, a dealer’s den for those who sell horror items, and even a place to sign up as a volunteer for the event. Need a ride or want to share a room while attending? You’ll find a message board where you can hook up on rides, motel-sharing and more. Care to be a sponsor at the event? Visit the board that addresses that issue, too.

If you’re an artist wanting to get noticed, a writer who would like to find a publisher, a film maker looking for a producer, or a seller of horror-related products, this convention is for you. You can purchase tables to set up your wares and show off your talents. The convention usually runs over a three-day period of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on the scheduled dates.

Plan a really unique vacation this year by visiting the website and reading more about how to join, sell, or become a member. It’ll be a wildly memorable experience – one you’ll want to repeat over and over, each year.

Visit the official website and find out more about past horror events and future events. The past event reading will allow you to get an idea of what to expect and the future event info will help you to prepare for your next trip:

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