Appointment Cancellation Letter

Appointment cancellation letters are written when a scheduled meeting with someone needs to be terminated due to some reason. Whether the appointment is with your teacher or with your doctor the appointment cancellation letter must be written in a manner that keeps the information accurate and concise. In addition to this it is always advised to ask the recipient to send an acknowledgment of cancellation on receipt.

Since it is an appointment cancellation letter so try to be precise and tell the reader about the appointment cancellation without any ambiguity and confusion. The opening sentence of the letter therefore must directly tell about the appointment cancellation with the other party. But while writing the main body of this letter, try to be soft in your tone. In addition to this mention the place, time and person with whom the appointment was planned. Finally close the letter with an apology.

If you want to know how to write an appointment cancellation letter, scroll down and read through our sample and template which we have provided you with.

Tips to Write Appointment Cancellation Letter

  • Maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise and try to sum up all details
  • Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes


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    Sample Appointment Cancellation Letter:

    Anne David
    Apartment # 4, 1st floor
    169 Tower Bridge Road London
    SE1 3LF
    United Kingdom


    Joe Adams
    Department of Business Administration
    The London School of Economics
    Houghton Street, London

    Dear Mr. Adams,

    It is to inform you that the appointment that was scheduled with the Professor David in the main hall on 18-01-2013 at 7 p.m. has been cancelled as I have to leave for Germany due to an important business meeting. I request you to kindly send me an acknowledgement of this cancellation letter. I will plan a new appointment with you soon.

    I apologize for any inconvenience.


    Signatures of Anne David

    Anne David

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    Template Appointment Cancellation Letter:

    Sender’s Name
    Sender’s Address
    Sender’s Phone number


    Receiver’s Name
    Receiver’s Address
    Receiver’s Phone Number

    Dear _________,

    This letter is written to inform you that the appointment that was scheduled with _______ on __-__-____ in ______ at _ __ has been cancelled as_________________. In order to schedule a new appointment please contact me on the mentioned phone number on your earliest.

    Any inconvenience is highly regretted.




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