Best Position to Sleep While Pregnant

Motherhood is one of the most fascinating feelings in the world. However, every mother has to pay a massive price to have this blessing as she has to go through enormous pain before and while giving birth to a child. A woman should sleep comfortably in position that lets her body rest without any pain during pregnancy. Due to the enlargement of the abdomen, it is always very difficult for a pregnant woman to find the right sleeping position. Apart from that, there are some other factors like leg cramps, pressure on the uterus, back pain, heartburn and shortness of breath, that need to be taken into account while sleeping.

Things Required:

– A comfortable bed
– Pillows


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    Sleeping on the side

    Sleeping on the side is considered to be the best position to sleep during pregnancy. According to most health experts, a pregnant woman should sleep on her left side, which is going to improve blood circulation. Laying on the right side will put too much pressure on the liver, which is the reason why doctors advise a pregnant woman to lay on the left side.

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    Heartburn is very common during pregnancy. If you are suffering from heartburn, you should use a pillow to prop your upper body. This pillow will help the body get rid of pressure on the body which causes heartburn.

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    Sleeping on your stomach

    Sleeping on your stomach has an adverse effect on you and your child’s health, especially during the later stages of the pregnancy. Sleeping on your stomach will squish the baby in the uterus and will also put unnecessary pressure on your vital organs.

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    Sleeping on your back

    By sleeping on the back you will decrease your blood circulation as well as that of the baby, which is the reason why it is considered to be the worst sleeping position for a pregnant woman.

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    Shortness of breath

    Because of a pregnant woman’s increased hormones and the bigger space the fetus takes up in the body, she often faces shortness of breath. Sleeping on the side with pillows will allow a woman to breathe freely and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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