Difference Between System Software and Application Software

Computers have become an impregnable part of the world. They are used in each and every aspect of our lives and provide us with a lot of ease in order to perform our tasks. They have helped us in achieving what previously was thought to be impossible.

A computer not only needs good hardware to perform but also good software that can make use of the abilities that the hardware possesses. There are many different kinds which are employed to make our work easier.

However, there are two major distinctions in software that we must understand in order to know the functionality of the computers. One of these is system software while the other is application software.

The main difference between the two is the purpose of both. Operating software is one which basically drives the hardware to operate and allows the user to be able to communicate with the machinery. On the other hand, the application software provides facilities to the users and allows them to run different applications as per their need.

The system software is the basis at which the whole computer system runs and is not dependent on other software where as application software is dependent on the system software.


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    System Software

    The most commonly used ones are the Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX. The system software is loaded on to the computer by the manufacturer so that the users can make use of the machine as soon as they get it. Mostly these are free though some manufacturers do charge for this installation as well.

    It is known as low level software since it works at the basic level of the computer. Traditional system software were quite boring and the graphic interface made the usage of computer a lot easier and aided the input of commands as well.

    It controls the complete functions of the computer, both hardware and software. Without system software, a computer will seize to operate.

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    Application Software

    These help us in performing various tasks and make them easier for us. These need to be installed on our computer though some basic application software are installed by the manufacturer as well. There are many kinds of application software that are available in the market.

    Most of these cost a fair bit though some of them can be downloaded for free form the internet. They help us in using the computer to our advantage and perform our desired tasks.

    Microsoft Office Suite is most certainly the most famous collection of application software of all times which allows the users to do just about anything that relates to the office.

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