Highgate Tube Station London

Highgate Tube Station is located in Northern London, not too distant from the Highgate Village. This tube station has two platforms and is serving in the fare zone 3 of the London Underground. Since its erection, Highgate Tube Station had gone through two phases, as originally it was built at high level to serve as a railway station back in 1860s. Later on the lower level was constructed in order to include it as a part of the London Underground in 1930s. Today this tube station has different facilities that include ticket halls, escalators, gates, payphones and car parking. The entrance of Highgate Tube Station can be made from Priory Gardens side that faces east and Archway Road side can be used for exit. Places to explore near Highgate Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    Highgate Tube Station in London has several coffee shops and bistros in its suburbs, where you can hang out with your friends or family and enjoy the variety of food items and coffees.

    Papa Del's, The Woodman, Indian Chef, Kiplings,  Dim T, Zizzi'sCote Brasserie, The Brew House
    Coffee Shops:
    High Tea Of Highgate, Caffe Nero

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    Clubs & Bars

    The number of bars near Highgate Tube Station in London is higher as compared to the night clubs in 1 mile radius.

    The Bull, The Hill N10, Boogaloo, The Highgate Inn, The Red Lion & Sun

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    Hotels & Accommodation

    Visitors, who are in search of an accommodation for stay wouldn’t need to go far from the Highgate Tube Station, as there are some fine hotels located in proximity to this London Underground.

    Winchester Hotel, The Raglan Hotel, Roseview Hotel, National Hotel
    Other Accommodation:
    The Muswell Hill

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    Sights and Attractions

    Visitors, who come to this area, also seek to explore different sites and attractions in their leisure time, which are located in one mile range of Highgate Tube Station.

    Highgate Wood, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Kenwood House, Waterlow Park

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    Educational Institutes

    Worried about the education of your kids? not a problem at all, you will find a number of school and colleges that lies in the vicinity of Highgate Tube Station.

    Byam Shaw School of Art, Highgate School, Channing School, Highgate Wood School, Fortismere School
    St Aloysius College

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Gift and bookshops can easily be found nearby Highgate Tube Station that are offering variety of gifts and authentic books to their customers.
    Gift Shops:

    Cha Cha Cha, Nawar, Indish, Ripping Yarns
    Book Shops:
    Highgate Bookshop

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    Health & Beauty Services

    There are numerous health and beauty venues in close proximity to Highgate Tube Station, where one can not only take care of their looks but also work on their physique as well.

    Pilates International Ltd, Panacea Health & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dowe Dynamics Gym, Tonton

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    Emergency Services

    Police stations and ambulance services are not located within one mile radius of Highgate Tube Station. However, there is a fire station in range, which can be very helpful in case of an emergency.

    Hornsey Fire Station

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    Hospitals & clinics

    Residents near Highgate Tube Station can quite easily avail the services of different doctors as there are several clinics and hospitals in the neighborhood.

    Highgate Private Hospital, Whittington Hospital, Saint Luke's Woodside hospital
    Highpoint Dental Clinic, Highgate Dental Centre, Archway Clinic of Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic Balance, Pond Square Dental Practice

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    Childcare Centres

    For working parents who are worried about the care of their children in their absence need not to worry because the solution exists near by Highgate Tube Station, a plenty of childcare centres are located in suburbs surrounding this underground tube station.

    Little Haven Childminders, Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, The Highgate Activity Nursery

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