How To Adopt a Grandparent

With the mortality rate rising ever so high all over the world, many children today are growing up without grandparents. The lucky ones, whose grandparents are still alive, get to meet them once or twice a year since they usually live miles away and visit only on special occasions. In such cases adopting a grandparent is a wonderful initiative that looks to connect abandoned grandparents with children who don’t have their own grandparents in their lives for some reason. And the fun part about adopting a grandparent is the fact that it is so much different than adopting a baby. Hassle free, easier to do and you don’t have to worry about the night time feedings or diaper change. Nevertheless, the process does have its own requirements.


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    Gather information

    Information is power. Though not the requirement in this case, we don’t want children overpowering the elderly! However, extensive research in different programs available is essential. Each program has a website that lists the advantages and the benefits of adopting grandparents not to mention the wide list of choices. Think of it as choosing a pet, though only better.

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    Complete the application process

    Once you have the program narrowed down, complete the application process, fulfilling any and all requirements i.e. forms, interviews etc. Make sure to list down all your hobbies, interests etc. to pair up with the ideal grandparent. Nobody wants to end up with a senile old man complaining about the good old days. Tell the organization as much about yourself as possible so that it is easy for them to pair you up with the most suitable elderly.

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    Give time

    The process takes time. So give it enough time. Though not as much, but it is worth the wait. Wait for a response from the organization which will provide you details of the grandparent you are paired with.

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    Make the first contact

    Once you have the information about your grandparent, make the first contact. Reach out to the elderly. Over the hill and almost under it, the elderly are not known for their enthusiasm in later years. So it is your responsibility to reach out to the grandparent and make a connection. Although it is instant sometimes, in some cases it may take days to connect with your adopted grandparent. Be patient.

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    Schedule regular visits with your grandparent

    Make it a point to visit them at least once a week. Plan activities with them on a regular basis and make them feel wanted and loved.

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