How to Buy Books at a Discount

Books are an essential part of any well-rounded and fulfilled lifestyle, but buying them in bulk, or buying the specific editions you want, can be a bit hard on the wallet. It is a similar story if you need multiple copies of a book for school or for a company, but are on a tight budget. However, if you are resourceful and employ the right techniques, there’s no reason why you cannot enjoy reading without having to spend a small fortune. The solution? Buy your books at a discount.


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    Try buying used books. While the phrase “second-hand” usually tends to serve as a deterrent, a used book is not necessarily one which will be in poor condition when you purchase it. Contrary to the nightmare of buying a book which turns out to be shabby, dog-eared, and covered in notes made in ink, several shops sell used books which are in excellent condition, and worth half the price of a brand-new book. Even if the book does have a defect, buying a cheap used book which has a miniscule tear is not exactly a bad bargain. Used books are also available at online stores such as Amazon, where the defects will be listed in the description.

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    If you are looking to buy in bulk, try purchasing your books from a wholesale dealer – they buy books in large quantities, and sell them to both retailers, and the public. Some book wholesalers sell a large variety of books, while others have more limited options, so browse around until you find what you need. This could be an ideal option if you are looking to buy a book series, or textbooks for school.

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    If there is a particular book you need lots of copies of, try placing an order at a print-on-demand publisher. These will work with you if you are looking for several copies of a single book, and offer you discounts.

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    When looking to purchase a large quantity of books at a discounted price, try buying directly from the publishers. Publishing companies often offer huge discounts if you buy a large quantity of books of a particular title. Contact the publishing house directly to inquire about the titles and deals available.

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