How to Buy First Edition Books

Those people who are in the habit of book reading always try to search and buy the first edition books which makes them satisfied for having many rare books in their collection. Not only aged people but there are many young ones who also take interest in getting a collection of first edition books because these books always holds more worth as compared to the later editions.

However, buying first edition books is not that simple as peopled have to consume time in searching for genuine books. Many people end up in buying first edition books which are in fact pirated editions. When you find a first edition book that you have been looking for, make sure it is genuine before paying the money to its owner. Buying first edition books is not easy if you do not know how to find these rare books. But you can buy first edition books without any confusion by reading this article which will give you an idea of how to buy these valuable books in a way that suits you.


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    First of all, you should compile a list of the books that are valuable for you and you want to buy the first edition of these books.

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    Accept the fact that the rarer the book is, the harder it will be to find and buy the first edition of that book. So, be patient and never give up looking for it as you will get it by finding the right people.

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    Visit the thrift stores for searching the first edition of books that you want. In these stores, sometimes you find the books of your choice and these first edition books are usually cheaper as compared to the local merchant or collector.

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    While buying a book from a thrift store, make sure you do not show your interest in particular first edition. Deal with the owner of the book in a normal way otherwise he can raise the price by observing your anxiousness for that particular book.

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    You should have knowledge about book collectors of your area. Talk to them about those first edition books that you want. You might get valuable information from them about the certain locations or stores from where you can buy your required books.

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    Do not forget to visit local libraries in your area. Many libraries sell older books in order to accommodate new arrivals and it is quite possible that you find the first editions of your desired books in the selling lot of libraries.

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