How to Clean an HJC Helmet Liner

HJC Helmets are one among the best quality and classy motorcycle helmets brands in the world. These helmets are uniquely designed to resist dust particles. But, after covering many miles on the open road with air pollution, the HJC Helmet can undergo the unpleasant odor produced by humidity and the building up of grime and sweat in your scalp. You cannot clean the specially designed HJC Helmet Liner like you clean the ordinary ones. It requires proper procedures that are approved by the HJC Company, expert in designing motorcycle helmets. Their principally designed helmets accept an occasional bath in order to bring a breath of refreshing fresh air back into your riding experience.

Things Required:

– Pillowcase
– Detergent
– Washing machine
– Hanger clips
– Mixing bowl
– Piece of cloth


  • 1

    Remove HJC Helmet’s Liner

    First of all carefully take away the cheek pads and liner of your HJC Helmet and set aside on smooth clean work surface.

  • 2

    Slip them into a Pillowcase

    Now grab a large pillowcase and position your HJC Helmet Liner and cheek pads.

  • 3

    Put in Washing Machine

    Seal the pillowcase thoroughly and put in your washing machine.

  • 4

    Add in Water and Detergent

    Pour in lukewarm water until the pillowcase sinks completely and top it with a small amount of your washing detergent.

  • 5

    Switch Washing Machine On

    Now turn your washing machine on “one-way” mode and leave it for 5 to 8 minutes.

  • 6

    Rinse with Clean Water

    Remove the HJC Helmet Liner and cheek pads from washing machine and place in a tub. Rinse them well with tap water for few minutes or until no more soapy.

  • 7

    Let them Dry

    Hang the cheeks pads and liner with hanger clips and let them dry completely in the moderate sunlight.

  • 8

    Re-install them

    Once dry completely, re-install the washed HJC cheeks pads and Helmet Liner.

  • 9

    What if HJC Helmet Liner is Non-Removable?

    In case if your HJC Helmet Liner is non-removable, follow the given below steps to clean it:

    The very first thing you have to do is, remove the face shields, chin curtains, cheeks pads and intercom headsets of your HJC Helmet and set aside.

    Now take a medium bowl and pour some mild shampoo and water into it. Stir it vigorously with hand until it forms a smooth soapy solution.

    Dip a clean piece of cloth into the mixture and wait until it soaks well. Squeeze it to remove excess of the soapy mixture and then use it to clean the helmet’s entire interior liner, applying moderate pressure.

    Set your HJC Helmet under temperate sunlight with its internal side upward and let it dry.

    Once dry, reinstall the removed parts.

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