How to Co-sleep Safely With a Toddler

Sleeping with a toddler is by-no-means an easy task. You must have good knowledge of what things not to do while co-sleeping with the child. As toddlers are very young, you have to take care of everything and you need to make sure that they are sleeping well or not. There are various dangers which include suffocation and overheating. To get hold of these problems, always sleep on a flat bed and keep minimal bedding. There must not be extra pillows or blankets and you must be attentive throughout the night to make sure everything is alright.


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    Use a firm bed and minimal bedding

    Make sure you use a firm bed and minimal bedding when you sleep with a toddler. There are chances of suffocation or overheating of the bed is not flat or if there is too much bedding. You need to take special care of the baby if it is between three to ten months old.

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    Always sleep on the bed

    Sleeping on the bed is extremely important. You cannot sleep on the mattress on the floor or on the sofa as that is not comfortable for the child and it may also be dangerous. Also, never sleep on a waterbed as they are very soft and the toddler may become wedged in the spaces between.

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    Do not use extra pillows or blankets

    Always use the pillows or blankets you need while sleeping. There is no need to keep extra things while you are sleeping as that will make the place overcrowded and will increase the chances of suffocation.

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    Take care of the baby

    You must be attentive at all times so that you are there when the baby needs you. Check the toddlers frequently in the night to see whether it is sleeping well or not. In this way, you will be able to check whether the baby is in need of anything or not and if it is sleeping well.

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    Stay close

    You must be close to the baby at all times. This is extremely important as the toddler may get scared if it feels there is nobody around.

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