How to Cut Your Young Daughter’s Hair

With inflation and increase of costs of everything ranging from gas, electricity to groceries, you should start have a control over your expenses. It is strongly recommended that you start saving by doing things at home which you can easily do. Keep in mind you cannot cut someone’s hair in trendy style but you can perform simple cuts in home. If you are planning to cut hair of your young daughter, you can follow some simple guidelines in order to achieve your goal.

Things Required:

– Chair
– Towel
– Clip
– Wide-toothed comb
– Spray bottle with water
– Blow-dryer
– Sharp haircutting scissors
– Large blush brush
– Broom
– Dustpan
– Trash can


  • 1

    Make your child used to the special chair

    You need to let your young daughter used to the special chair where you will cut her hair. You should make her used to the chair and you can do this by letting her brush and comb after sitting on that seat.

  • 2

    Placement of the chair

    You can place the chair in front of the TV when the time comes. You can also place the chair in front of a mirror.

  • 3

    Seating of your young daughter

    Next you should make an appointment for her and mark it on the calendar. When the time comes, let her sit on the special chair. Make sure that she sits up straight. In case the chair is bigger than her, you can place a plank on the chair handles and let your daughter sit there. Later you need to place a towel over her shoulders and fasten it.

  • 4

    Comb the hairs

    Now you need to comb her hairs starting from bottom and ending at the crown of her head. Make sure to de-tangle all knots. You are required to hair from the back and sprinkle water on it. Use a spray bottle for this purpose.

  • 5

    Cut the hair

    After combing the hair, you can start cutting. It is strongly recommended you start trimming from the bangs in front. Remember that this is the most difficult part.

  • 6

    Cut the remaining hair

    Now you need to cut the remaining hair of your child. Remember that you can divide her hair in four parts and clip them. Later place one section between your forefinger and the index finger and slide them down until you get your desire length. Cut the remaining portion of her hair.

  • 7

    Comb and trim

    In the end you need to trim any remaining parts and then comb your young daughter’s hair.

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