How to Find a Babysitter on Craigslist is a good source for finding a babysitter. However, the process is not very simple. The first and the most daunting task is to find a right babysitter. Since it is a sensitive task, you cannot trust everyone available on the website. You have to implement a proper recruitment process to evaluate a candidate and then pick out one that matches your requirement. Nevertheless, the website is a good source to find a babysitter.


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    Browsing and Search

    First of all you need to long into the website, and then search the candidates who are looking for babysitting job. Start by browsing name of your city under the community section and then search for the candidate in the Childcare section.

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    Browse Advertisements

    It is better to browse first the advertisements of the potential candidates who have made themselves available for the job and then pick those who you think can be the potential candidates for interviews. The section includes all sort of candidates with all experiences, times available and genders and their other preferences and choices.

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    Putting an Advertisement

    If you do not find a person that suits your need, the alternative is to put your own advertisement on the page. This will be under the headline of babysitter needed, and you can mention your requirements in detail. Make sure you use all the space and list all conditions or requirements that you need in a candidate to fulfil before applying for the job. Leave your correct contact details, especially the email.

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    Correspondence and Screening

    All potential candidates will leave their CVs and application letter in your inbox, and you can get print of each one of them or else monitor them online. Next step is correspondence with the candidates, especially contacting those who have met all the requirements. Thank them for applying and given them interview details. Also, send a small regret note to those whose applications you have turned down, although it is not necessary.

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    Interviews and Selection

    Next step is the interview of selected candidates and evaluation through other means. For example, you should ask the potential candidates if they have security checks etc. Also make sure the candidates have a work history, especially ask for details if you have applications from some candidates who are from some other countries. Then induction and training of the candidates is the next process. You should tell them about all the safety guidelines you want to implement.

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