How to Get Taller Naturally

Modern research has concluded that a taller person has slightly higher IQ level than a shorter person. Every one of us desires to have a decent height to support an impactful personality and be prominent among others. A person’s height hugely depends on his genes and the height of his parents. If your parents have a moderate height, you will also have that sort of height. On the contrary, tall height also comes from your mother and father. However, mall-nutrition and not taking healthy diet might also hamper your body’s growth and height. You have to take care of a number of factors which might affect your height. A common mistake being made by people is to use growth hormone drugs to increase their height. Such diddling with body hormones can result in severe side effects and cause numerous other problems in your body. Moreover, it is still not guaranteed that your height will increase even after using hormone drugs. It is better to use some natural methods to improve your height.


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    You have to make sure your daily regimen contains vital minerals and vitamins. Calcium is necessary for building of bones and making them stronger. A minimum of 800mg of calcium is recommended every day to have a steady growth in your height. Vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin K are some of the other minerals which greatly affect the height of a person. You can use food supplements containing these contents.

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    Get bone density test from a medical centre to determine the strength of your bones. This test will let you know whether you are having fragile bones which are subjected to break in the future. Once you have undertaken this test, you have to follow your doctor’s instructions to overcome any such problem.

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    Exercise promotes the growth of new bones in your body and enhances your overall growth. Weight-bearing exercises tell your body bones to toughen up and this increases the density within them.

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    You have to take healthy diet, especially for your bones. Dairy items have higher amounts of calcium in them and their usage is really beneficial for bones’ growth.

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    While taking a healthy diet, you also have to cut down your alcohol consumption. Alcohol leeches vital nutrients from your diet and hamper your healthy growth. Smoking cigarette is the other important thing to restrict from.

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