How to Have a Successful Book Expo Booth

Apparently, it is easy to increase your sales in a book expo but it is not just about getting a table, placing books and counting money. You will have to do more than that to attract the general readers and professionals.

If you are a writer then these book expos give you a chance to meet your readers and receive first hand feedback. However, you will have to setup your booth in professional manner as you do not want it to look like a book depot.

You can have a well organised and successful booth by following some simple directions.


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    Everyone is a customer:

    In book expos, you will notice that many people are just looking around and they are not buying anything. However, you must welcome everyone with a smile on your face. Treat every visitor as your potential customer and introduce your product. You will feel that some of them really want to learn something new and all they need is bit of guidance. You must be courteous enough to answer all the questions and motivate that person to check your product.

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    Offer something for free:

    By offering a few small things for free is another valid technique to increase your sales. It is not necessary that customers will buy your books immediately. There is probability that they like your stuff but cannot buy due to some reasons. In this case, you can offer them small things like book marks, post cards and pencils to keep yourself remembered. Believe me, this trick will really work.

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    Check your material:

    You must check your material before putting it on display. Sometimes, you place an inappropriate book on the table and this negligence can really damage your reputation. Remember, there are always hundreds of publishers or writers in a book expo so you must be prepared for the competition.

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    Display a variety of books:

    Though, it is good to have some speciality but there is no harm in displaying some variety in your stock. This will expand your target audience and ultimately your booth will be a huge success. It is better to divide your booth in different sections to make everything easy for your customers.

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    Know your customer:

    Before coming to the expo, you should do some research about potential customers. Place those books that can attract the audience.

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    You must use banners, hoardings, leaflets or brochures for the publicity of your book expo booths.

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