How To Make Accordion Books

Are you feeling a bit crafty lately and want to make something that will make your friends and family take an admiring look at you? So why not turn your boring hours into a fun hobby? Make an accordion book. If you are a parent, you can make your kid nice gift for both fun and learning purposes.

Accordion books are fun to read, as you can see all the pages at once without having to flip through the entire book. These books are easy to make as you use different papers and sheets to shape it.

Accordion books have been around for centuries. When there was no technology back in the days, people would use leaves and other materials to keep their records in the form of accordion books. Countries that are known to have had a rich history regarding accordion books are Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, India and other parts of Asia.

The things that are used to make an accordion book can be found at any general retail store.

Things Required

– Cardboard
– A sheet of paper (8X11 size)
– Glue
– Scissors
– Tongue depressor or bone folder


  • 1

    Take the sheet of paper and fold it in half. Make sure there are no unequal corners. Fold the sheet in half further in the same way, while making the paper shiny, using the bone folder or tongue depressor - a  bone folder will ensure the paper does not get out of shape.

    Fold the paper twice more and unfold it all the way back to its original form. You will notice that the paper now has equally shaped sixteen rectangular boxes on it.

  • 2

    Cut the sheet in W shape. Use the top layer of the paper and flip its edge back to meet the fold and crease. It is better to cut from the right side and reach the first left fold to make book-like shape. The W-shaped folds will now look like pages that you can turn over.

  • 3

    Take two pieces of cardboard, and cut them to size ¼ inch. The cardboard pieces should be bigger than your book.

  • 4

    Stick the cardboard to the outside of the book with glue.

  • 5

    As soon as the exterior of the book is assembled, press with something heavy and leave it under it a few hours, letting the glue dry.

  • 6

    Your accordion book is complete now. You can write anything on it and give it to your kids or friends as a gift.

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