How to Teach Kids to Respect Others

“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it; you have got to give it,” well said by R. G. Risch – a famous writer. Teaching good values to children is an obligatory duty of parents. One of the most essential things that you can teach your children is “How to Respect others.”

Teaching the kids to be respectful towards the people in their social network, especially the elders, is not a difficult task at all as it may seem. Kids are basically innocent souls with flexibility in their behavior and nature. So you can mold them the way you want and can train them according to your desires. Also advice your kids to respect all the living things around them. Follow this simple guide and accept the challenge of teaching your kids to respect others:


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    Be an example for your kids

    If you really want your kids to be respectful towards others, then you have to do it as well. For example, you have to show respect in front of your kids. The best thing you can do is, respect the elders in your family like the grannies. Moreover, try to have patience and respect even those who are rude towards you.

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    Be supportive parents

    Respect means treating others with care and good manners. So, even your kids deserve respect. Show your kids that you care about their needs, feelings and emotions. It will help them to realize the importance of respect in daily life.

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    Teach it

    Teach your kids the fact that how it is important to respect others. Quote some good examples that respect is a two way street, where you get respect when you give respect. The very simple but best thing you can do is narrate the importance of respect in the form of a story or play some kids movies based on respect.  Teach your kids the magical words like “Please,” “Kindly,” “May I,” “Excuse me,” “I am Sorry,”“Thank You,” and “Pleasure” etc.

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    Practice Respect

    Ask your kids to join in family get-togethers or dining table in order to practice respect. For example, hand over a plate to your kids or offer them some food and check that either they are going apply the rules that you recently taught them or not. If yes, then appreciate them and ask them to stick to it. On the other hand, if they do not say thank you for any reason, then it does not mean you scold them. Remind them the magical words and ask them to come up with it next time.

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    Teach Kids How to Disagree Respectfully

    Disagreeing respectfully is even one of the greatest challenges for elders. So, you really have to be careful while teaching it to your kids. The best thing you can advice them is to “walk away gracefully when they find someone arguing or getting into their nerves.”

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    Encourage Respect for Nature

    The concept of respect does not revolve around the human beings only; it includes all the living things. So do not forget to teach your kids to respect the nature. For example, ask them to keep their environment and nature clean by throwing the garbage into dust bins, planting new trees and by taking care of the existing ones.

  • 7

    Do not forget to appreciate your kids

    Scolding kids leads to rude behavior while encouraging and praising them for good deeds give birth to a sober personality. Try to appreciate the efforts and the good deeds of your kid and advice them politely if you caught them while doing anything rude or wrong.

    Note: “Excess of everything is BAD.” So, make sure not to “over-praise your kid” as he or she can be over confident, which is again a problem. Keep a balance.

  • 8

    Have a happy life – full of respect for others

    Teaching your kids to respect others is not few days’ process, so make sure to work on it constantly and to keep an eye on the daily activities of your kid. We are sure that your efforts will not be in vain and you will be enjoying a happy life – full of respect for others and getting respect in return.

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