How to Wear a Kippah

Kippah or Yarmulke is a cap which most Jewish men wear. Jews wear these hemispherical-shaped caps to fulfil requirements of orthodox Halachic authorities or at some religious occasions.

By wearing kippah Jews believe that they honour God. It is strongly recommended for all Jews men and boys to wear it at all times.

Things Required:

– Kippah
– Bobby pins or hair clips


  • 1

    Choose appropriate size

    First of all you need to determine the appropriate size of kippah. Note that it should be seen from all sides of your head.

  • 2

    Choose the right style

    Next you need to choose the style of kippah you want to wear. Many Jews wear black velvet kippah while some modern orthodox wear coloured kippah. Note that Yeshivah-style Jews mainly wear black kippah.

    You can wear kippah with different designs and even can wear kippah in which your name is knitted.

  • 3

    Place the kippah properly

    You need to place yarmulke in the right way on your head. Place the head of the kippah in direction which points towards the back side of your head.

  • 4

    Slide it down on your scalp

    Next gently slide the kippah down on your head. Note that it should be flexible so it could fit on your head easily.

  • 5

    Use bobby pins

    Then use bobby pins starting from the right side. You need to attach bobby pin with hair and kippah at same time.

    Note that you can also use hair pins instead of bobby pins.

  • 6

    Placement of bobby pins

    Use pins to hold kippah to your hair. You can use as many pins as required to hold kippah to your hair. Try applying pins on side and back more.

    Note that there is no need of placing bobby pins or hair clips on the front of your head unless required.

  • 7

    Test the placement

    In the end you need to test you kippah is properly place on your head and does not falls when you move your head.

  • 8

    Wear kippah at appropriate times

    You need to wear kippah at the right times. According to Jewish laws, Men and young boys are strongly recommended to wear kippah at all time in order to respect God.

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